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X-Men, The Reprint Era.

Set Type: X-Men (1963) #67-#93
Owner: Key_Comics
Last Modified: 7/28/2020
Views: 184

Rank: 3
Score: 20010
Leading by: 1380
Points to Higher Rank: 750

Set Description:

Since my youth when these issues were coming out I loved these timeless mutant characters and wanted to fill in every issue I'd missed. As my set grew I strived to collect the very "mintest" and best preserved copies of this, my all-time favorite title. I'd buy duplicate copy after copy, upgrading in some way every chance I'd get while accumulating examples from most of the major pedigrees. Later when CGC came on the scene I'd acquire 9.8 White after 9.8 White, carefully comparing each beauty side-by-side, keeping the one that had no markings and perfect centering and no visible flaws, and the whitest cover whites, and then repeat the process, regardless of how many 9.8's I'd scrutinized. I did the same process with the 9.4 and 9.6 copies, and didn't want distracting signatures defacing the immaculate front covers, I wanted my copies to look dead mint or as close as I could find, and only wanted ones with white pages and no dates or other detractors. Eventually, I'd obsessively amassed dozens of rare CGC Mint 9.9 and Gem Mint 10.0 copies, and even most of the 9.8's look like they should have been graded Mint, while my 9.6 copies have eye-appeal consistent with 9.8, and dozens of copies hail from noted pedigree collections.
I just finally joined the Registry in 2019 and was surprised to learn that they assign almost the same points to an easily obtained signed copper-age 9.8 as they do to a one-of-one Mint 9.9. And they give the exact same points to a poorly-aligned copy with a date stamp and Off-White pages as they do to a pedigree copy with impeccable centering and pure white paper... Thus, even a near-unimprovable set with dozens of very rare or unique 9.9's and all white pages would rank below a set with zero Mint copies but with some common autographed comics; -I hope that is corrected someday, to more accurately reflect the true market conditions for elusive mint copies and white-paged pedigree books.
comic_category_sm Set Type

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
X-Men 67 1332677004 9.81200 Shop eBay
X-Men 68 1337854005 9.81200 Shop eBay
X-Men 69 1397546007 9.81200 Shop eBay
X-Men 70 1213288014 9.81200 Shop eBay
X-Men 71 0227044027 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 72 No Comic    Shop eBay
X-Men 73 1396825012 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 74 No Comic    Shop eBay
X-Men 75 1200530014 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 76 0951886007 9.6650 Shop eBay
X-Men 77 No Comic    Shop eBay
X-Men 78 1171675011 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 79 1034985012 9.4390 Shop eBay
X-Men 80 1170780009 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 81 1108426009 9.6650 Shop eBay
X-Men 82 No Comic    Shop eBay
X-Men 83 0975864005 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 84 No Comic    Shop eBay
X-Men 85 1097668006 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 86 1339627003 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 87 1109173015 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 88 No Comic    Shop eBay
X-Men 89 0976336011 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 90 1172753018 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 91 1200733001 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 92 0959098004 9.81040 Shop eBay
X-Men 93 No Comic    Shop eBay
X-Men Annual 1 No Comic    Shop eBay
X-Men Annual 2 No Comic    Shop eBay

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