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Red Giant's CFD

Set Type: Cry For Dawn #1-#9
Owner: RedGiant
Last Modified: 1/22/2020
Views: 113

Rank: 2
Score: 4909
Leading by: 1515
Points to Higher Rank: 743

Set Description:

Front and Back Cover scans for the complete 22 issue set - as of 6/6/19, this is the only 100% complete set listed in the registry.

This set is nearly impossible to find in such high grade, as rusty staples plague the higher issues and EVERY minor defect shows up in the cardstock covers, which most cannot be pressed out like a traditional comic book cover.

Add to that the point system for this set doesn’t make a ton of sense - the limited editions are extremely rare, especially in ultra high grade. They should be worth far more points in my opinion. #7 limited has zero 9.8s. The other impossible book to find is #5 2nd print. Also zero 9.8s. That red cover shows everything plus that cardstock cover isn’t helping. There are only 3 at 9.6. That is the lowest valued book point wise in set, when it should be near the top. It’s the second most desired issue in set after #1 first print, the book is highly sought after and there are zero 9.8s.

If you are reading this and happen to have any higher graded books than me and interested in selling please contact me.

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Cry For Dawn 1 1016805003 9.8900 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 1 Second Printing 0340092017 9.6180 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 1 Third Printing 1263673010 9.8267 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 2 1476572014 9.8125 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 2 Second Printing 1263673012 9.8160 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 3 1476572015 9.8120 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 4 0278284006 9.8160 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 4 Limited Edition 1263673016 9.8200 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 5 1476572020 9.8160 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 5 Second Printing 2038874002 9.480 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 5 Limited Edition 0263909012 9.6283 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 6 1300186019 9.8160 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 6 Variant Cover 2077666001 9.8440 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 7 1300141016 9.8120 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 7 Deluxe Letterbox Edition 1263678002 9.4105 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 8 2073102005 9.8120 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 8 Limited Edition 0805708005 9.6300 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 9 1252233004 9.8120 Shop eBay
Cry For Dawn 9 Limited Edition 0154738009 9.6357 Shop eBay
Cry for Dawn Calendar nn 1992114018 9.8280 Shop eBay
Cry for Dawn: Compilation Prevue 1 1263673002 9.6102 Shop eBay
Cry for Dawn: Compilation Prevue 1 Signed & Numbered Edition 1992114020 9.8170 Shop eBay

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