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Set Type: Marvel Boy
Owner: IMJ
Last Modified: 9/17/2020
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Rank: 2
Score: 1175
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Set Description:

The first time that I discovered Marvel Boy had Golden Age roots was from a reprint in the back of 1993's "Marvel: Five Decades of The World's Greatest Comics" coffee table book. Until then, I had only been exposed to the character from Quasar's backstory in the volume 1 run heralded by Mark Gruenwald. The story of the Quantum Bands hinted at Robert Grayson, but until seeing the reprint in the back of that coffee table book, I didn't know that Marvel Boy was actually published at some point in Marvel's past. Chalk that up to being a young reader at the time, as well as the lack of modern research tools where we would otherwise now just deploy our best Google-Fu upon any new curiosity.

It was a really neat revelation to find that Quasar basically Golden Age roots through that Marvel Boy archetype. These Marvel Boy appearances quickly became as mythological, desirable, and seemingly unattainable as something like Tales of Suspense #39 would appear to be to your average kid collector.

My Marvel Boy fandom is multifaceted - first and foremost the connections to Quasar - my favorite cosmic character - are undeniable. I can still weave a magnificent argument that Marvel Boy #1 is the first appearance of the Quantum Bands as an honest and useful Marvel Cosmic anachronism, regardless of later story retcons. And then when you account for the Golden age sensibilities amidst those overall science fiction elements, and you've got pure, comic book collecting fun. Of course, the somewhat weird story-turn the series takes a few issues in makes it likely that most hangers on into the Astonishing run are only doing as for the completion of the thing. But hey - having a human being rejected from the population of Uranus to be returned to Earth with light bracelets only to become a private investigator is exactly the kind of outlandish content that great comic books are made of.

In the end though, I pursue the Marvel Boy & Astonishing material as an extension of my Quasar collecting and enthusiasm for that character. I hunt down these books for the same reason that after decades of collecting Iron Man I dug up copies of Tales of Suspense #16 - that it's simply more deep-cut material to dig into when building a collection for the characters that I gravitate to.

I have this set in completion as raw books - a few here or there nicer than "reader copies" that may result in additions to this set if I ever get around to submitting them. But I really plan on scrutinizing those to see if I want to include them here as slabs, or if I plan on making something special out of this set beyond firing off copies simply to complete it in plastic. Either way we are off to a solid start with issue 2 - a 9.0 that is currently amidst the highest of grades on the census so far. We will see how the rest of this one goes.

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