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I Will Be Rich When They Make This Into a Movie!

Set Type: Major Bummer (1997)
Owner: Iconic1s
Last Modified: 3/9/2021
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Score: 351
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Set Description:


After the Death of Superman storyline pulled me back into comic book collecting I would pre-order books through Previews and had a pull list at the local comic book store wherever I lived. This story came out while I was stationed in Iwakuni Japan and I knew a shop Owner in Beaufort South Carolina that was nice enough to mail me a box each month with my books as well as the next issue of Previews. This was all old-fashioned mail at that time.

Major Bummer is one of the titles that I gave a try and enjoyed throughout its entire run. The story was pretty wacky and you got the sense that the writers were given carte blanche to do whatever they wanted… too bad it only lasted 15 issues! The idea was that a couple of space alien college students had a project to see what happens if they gave a human being superpowers. The problem was that they accidentally gave these powers to the wrong guy… not ONLY the wrong guy but a pretty unmotivated guy by the name of Lou Martin who would rather play video games than save the world.

Our hero is slowly surrounded by a pretty crazy cast of characters as well as bad guys. The aliens that accidentally gave him superpowers join in at times throughout the story, which takes us in many different directions. There’s a Nazi T-Rex as well as plenty of superpowered mutants. The story concludes with Lous (plural) from multiple time streams converging. It’s a fun ride and I think this would be a great idea for a movie.

A sample of his rogues gallery is below…


When I decided to submit this set my idea was to submit my reader copies. If they didn’t all come back 9.8 oh well, that’s a bummer, but it kinda fits with the idea of Major Bummer being the title. When I looked through my books they were all pretty sharp except issue 6 had some pretty good color breaks on the spine. I ended up picking up some extra copies and switched a couple of my originals out. Even if I wasn’t worried about all 9.8’s with this set I didn’t see any sense in submitting books that were obviously much lower than that. Interestingly, some of the books, even from completely different sources had the exact same scratches in certain areas, especially the back cover. I sent all 15 issues in at once through CCS and did the quick press on them… I used part of my grading credit from my main set (Superman: Doomsday! Funeral for a Friend Reign of the Supermen!) winning Best Presented Set in 2020 to grade these books and ended up with thirteen 9.8’s, and two 9.6’s out of the bunch! Not too bad! The 9.6’s ended up being issue 1 and issue 6. All copies except for issue 1 are the first graded examples of that book. My plan had been to leave the set as-is and not worry about upgrading if any weren’t 9.8’s on the first attempt BUT it just so happened that there was a 9.8 of issue 1 on eBay the day that I got the grades and I couldn’t resist the temptation of picking it up while I could. There is not a lot of excitement surrounding this title so I doubt I’ll have much competition any time soon. As I said before though, I think this would make for a cool movie… laugh now, but if that ever happens I will be sitting on a GOLD MINE!

Once I had the grades I had to request that the competitive set be created.

I included a page from each book in that book’s second image slot which kinda shows how ridiculous this series was. I’m glad to have created this set and hope everyone enjoys it. Some may dismiss this as ‘90’s drek but it was a fun book and isn’t that what this hobby is supposed to be about?

Even with superpowers this guy is clueless…

comic_category_sm Set Type

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Major Bummer 1 3708794006 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 2 3702359002 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 3 3702359003 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 4 3702359004 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 5 3702359005 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 6 3702359006 9.615 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 7 3702359007 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 8 3702359008 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 9 3702359009 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 10 3702359010 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 11 3702359011 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 12 3702359012 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 13 3702359013 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 14 3702359014 9.824 Shop eBay
Major Bummer 15 3702359015 9.824 Shop eBay

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