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Set Type: Savage She-Hulk (1980)
Owner: Holku
Last Modified: 3/26/2021
Views: 1227

Rank: 6
Score: 800
Leading by: 90
Points to Higher Rank: 50

Set Description:

GOAL: All issues 9.8 or higher.

BEHIND COLLECTING THIS SET: As a huge Hulk fan She-Hulk was always on my radar and I enjoyed when she would pop in for an arc. Originally I'd collected Incredible Hulk comics in the registry but as my exposure grew and I read more She-Hulk back issues I realized that this would be a challenging but much less daunting task to complete and it is for a character I'd begun to really take to, same as with the Hulk years before.

In February of 1980 Stan Lee created She-Hulk, making her debut in a self titled series. Created out of a need to own and control the rights to a character named She-Hulk, a smart business decision led to the creation of what has become the cornerstone character of Marvel's female super-hero lineup.

She-Hulk's human identity, Jennifer Susan Walters, is the cousin of Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk. She-Hulk was created when Banner had no choice but to give his cousin Jen a blood transfusion to save her life.

She-Hulk is a rare character that is comfortable within nearly every circle of the Marvel Universe. She thrives in the world of the Hulk and his regular supporting cast. She also has her own supporting character as well as a band of rogues to battle. Between the two she is just as likely to be giving Spider-Man legal advice, rescue fellow Avengers, solve a mystery with the Fantastic Four, or defend the X-Men in battle. She-Hulk is well known and well liked throughout the Marvel Universe and fits in wherever sound legal advice or heavy lifting and smashing are required.

Many Marvel characters have genius level intelligence in one or more fields. Jen has a very high level of intelligence, though certainly no genius on the level of Bruce Banner, Reed Richards or the Leader, her lawyering abilities are unsurpassed. Her sense of justice, which occasionally in self-doubt, has earned her a place amonth the living tribunal's Magistrati.

To no one's surprise, due to the popularity of She-Hulk, nearly as soon as a Red Hulk and a Son of Hulk were introduced a Red She-Hulk and a Hulk daughter, Lyra, the New Savage She-Hulk were introduced. Other incarnations include an Ultimate She-Hulk, though this She-Hulk's identity is Betty Ross, while Jen Walters is a scientist without any super abilities.

The character has been the focal point of several ongoing and mini series titles. The initial Savage She-Hulk series was quite serious in nature while the Sensational She-Hulk had a much more satirical and humorous tone, at times breaking the fourth wall to have She-Hulk speak with the writer John Byrne or the reader. More recent titles have found their groove with a balance of serious and well placed humor without going overboard in either direction.

In other media, character is also set to make her video game debut as a playable character (she was an unplayable character in Ultimate Alliance 2) in the Marvel versus Capcom 3 video game. Marvel Studios also currently lists the character as licensed to be included in any upcoming Marvel Studios film, though the role has yet to be cast for a supporting or main role in any film.
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Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Savage She-Hulk 1 2080259009 9.8440 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 2 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 3 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 4 2088230010 9.850 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 5 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 6 3754726020 9.840 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 7 2088231013 9.840 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 8 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 9 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 10 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 11 3765220019 9.840 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 12 3726728013 9.840 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 13 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 14 2088231001 9.840 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 15 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 16 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 17 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 18 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 19 3702483005 9.840 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 20 2088231018 9.840 Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 21 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 22 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 23 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 24 No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage She-Hulk 25 3736551021 9.630 Shop eBay

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