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Set Type: Silver Surfer #1-#18
Owner: Crazy Canuck
Last Modified: 1/9/2021
Views: 627

Rank: 50
Score: 5705
Leading by: 121
Points to Higher Rank: 198

Set Description:

The Unheralded Collection has been the center of my collecting universe for the past 6 years when I became enamoured by CGC graded comics. This collection has no intent on becoming the highest graded, but rather become the first and only Silver Surfer pedigreed set. Currently, this set is one book shy of completion and 2 books short of having pedigree representations for every issue (SS #16 & 17 exception). Although pedigree books tend to have high grades and have high points associated...points have never been my drive for collecting.

I am passionate about history and each one of these pedigree books have a story that go along with them. The Unheralded Collection has a pedigree representative from many Silver Age Pedigrees. Collecting CGC pedigree's can be challenging and that is what drives my collecting passion...the hunt. This collection could not have been obtained without the help of many fellow board members...thanks to you all!

If your asking why Silver Surfer?...well this is how it began. My first silver age comic book was not Silver Surfer, but rather Fantastic Four 36. I was caught immediatly by the cover art & story and then began buying a few more stories. Then I stumbled upon FF48-50 the "Galactus Trilogy", and I was hooked...but not to old "chrome dome" initially, rather Galactus. As I started collecting more, I started to realize that Kirby had created a very intriguing character with the Silver Surfer. This character was powerful, sleek, intelligent and full of!! This guy is complex and way cool. Thus, the Unheralded Collection was born.

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Silver Surfer 1 No Comic    Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 2 0098084026 9.0425 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 3 0098084027 8.5687 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 4 1198175021 9.43825 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 5 2045641002 8.0105 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 6 0138524002 8.5168 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 7 2045639001 8.5168 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 8 1294769004 8.5124 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 9 No Comic    Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 10 No Comic    Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 11 0633272016 8.5111 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 12 No Comic    Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 13 1992604002 6.022 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 14 1992604008 7.570 Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 15 No Comic    Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 16 No Comic    Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 17 No Comic    Shop eBay
Silver Surfer 18 No Comic    Shop eBay

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