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Set Type: Metal Men
Owner: wallstreetrebel
Last Modified: 5/13/2021
Views: 700

Rank: 1
Score: 41076
Leading by: 11405
Points to Higher Rank: N/A

Set Description:

I always liked Metal Men as a kid, yes I know I am dating myself with that comment, and have long owned a #1 9.6. I just recently decided to start picking up a few Metal Men, as our Flash and GL sets are completed and it is getting to a point where upgrades have become increasingly hard to find. Obviously, this is just a starter set now, but if you have an issue we lack in 9.6 or higher for the solo run or 9.0 or higher for the Showcases, we would love the opportunity to see if a deal can be done, so drop us a note if interested.

2020 Update: Of all the books we collect, Metal Men has turned out to be the most difficult to find in high grade. Most of our books were bought when two other collectors sold their sets. While we have now climbed to the top of the registry, the set still has numerous holes. And unlike many sets where we have just been outbid, we have never seen the books we covet here.

It is pretty easy to see what has happened here, people quit collecting these books because they just cannot find them. I have a feeling that there are a few people who own the Showcases as part of Showcase collections and those books never come on the market. At any rate we are still plugging away, but I have little optimism that we will ever finish this one.

2021 Update: We keep looking, but again, where are the books? With many sets, there are upgrades readily available, it’s just a question of cost. But with MM, the books are relatively affordable, they are just nowhere to be found. Admittedly, we could buy a Showcase #37, they are the easiest-and most expensive, mind you-book in the set to find, but have never seen one where we like the looks of the book. I have often found myself looking back on the time I tried to buy the sole 9.4 copy of that issue. The ask at the time on E-Bay was steep, but I did make an offer, which was not accepted. I have since somewhat modified my outlook with respect to books like that Showcase #37. I now feel that, if you pay a large premium for a single highest graded copy of a non-key book, that book will most likely lose much of its value as, more likely than not, the census will change and that premium will disappear. If, however, the book is a key, even a somewhat minor key like Showcase #37, it’s probably more immune to changes in the census. I guess that’s a long way of saying, I wish I had bought that book.

Of course, my biggest regret in my collecting history was not mortgaging everything I owned and buying more books out of the 2012 Captain Tripp’s auction on Heritage. Many of those books have disappeared never to be seen again. And the prices now look very cheap on all but the keys, it was just too much on the market at one time. Of course, that regret has absolutely nothing to do with Metal Men, so I am not sure why I wrote it here LOL. Most of my narratives are really stream of consciousness, which I sincerely doubt anyone but myself ever reads. It’s basically just a diary of my collecting activities, which I try to revisit annually.

We did make a little progress on our Metal Men set over the past year and now have 45 books, including nine single highest graded examples. Still, we have a long ways to go to catch up with the top two collections, which boast 100% of the books in this set.

I will say, FWIW, to me having a complete collection of high-grade books should be more valued than having a few high-grade big point books. A high grade Amazing Fantasy #15 is worth more points than any of my complete sets, and yet buying one does not require years of searching, just the money to complete one transaction. I think most of us do this for the joy of collecting and preserving books we grew up with; if one is simply investing in comics, they may as well be stock certificates. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but to me the registry should reward completeness more than it does. And while my MM set is much more than a couple of books, it should not be considered better than the two complete sets, which are ranked below it.
comic_collector_sm Best Collector

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Showcase 37 No Comic    Shop eBay
Showcase 38 2087165016 9.86080 Shop eBay
Showcase 39 0914701020 8.5375 Shop eBay
Showcase 40 2132721017 9.41500 Shop eBay
Metal Men 1 0959142002 9.66750 Shop eBay
Metal Men 2 2087165015 9.62250 Shop eBay
Metal Men 3 2011299001 9.82280 Shop eBay
Metal Men 4 0208177003 9.61425 Shop eBay
Metal Men 5 0910551005 9.4855 Shop eBay
Metal Men 6 1495581012 9.2255 Shop eBay
Metal Men 7 1059902007 9.4510 Shop eBay
Metal Men 8 1054986001 9.6850 Shop eBay
Metal Men 9 3761542002 9.6850 Shop eBay
Metal Men 10 3761542003 9.81360 Shop eBay
Metal Men 11 3761542004 9.6625 Shop eBay
Metal Men 12 0745473005 9.6625 Shop eBay
Metal Men 13 2011304012 9.81000 Shop eBay
Metal Men 14 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 15 0038863013 9.6625 Shop eBay
Metal Men 16 0224717010 9.6625 Shop eBay
Metal Men 17 3761537002 9.6625 Shop eBay
Metal Men 18 0038864001 9.6625 Shop eBay
Metal Men 19 0745473007 9.6625 Shop eBay
Metal Men 20 3761537003 9.6625 Shop eBay
Metal Men 21 0291608005 9.4300 Shop eBay
Metal Men 22 0038864003 9.6450 Shop eBay
Metal Men 23 2087171018 9.6450 Shop eBay
Metal Men 24 2087171019 9.8720 Shop eBay
Metal Men 25 1032121007 9.6450 Shop eBay
Metal Men 26 2011304014 9.8720 Shop eBay
Metal Men 27 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 28 0224425005 9.4270 Shop eBay
Metal Men 29 0952546009 9.6450 Shop eBay
Metal Men 30 0915764017 9.6450 Shop eBay
Metal Men 31 1109543006 9.6400 Shop eBay
Metal Men 32 2087172011 9.8640 Shop eBay
Metal Men 33 2087171021 9.8640 Shop eBay
Metal Men 34 1215345010 9.4240 Shop eBay
Metal Men 35 2087171022 9.8640 Shop eBay
Metal Men 36 2057044003 9.8640 Shop eBay
Metal Men 37 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 38 3761537004 9.6400 Shop eBay
Metal Men 39 1253455004 9.4240 Shop eBay
Metal Men 40 0915197006 9.6400 Shop eBay
Metal Men 41 1495584007 9.6400 Shop eBay
Metal Men 42 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 43 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 44 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 45 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 46 2011304015 9.6100 Shop eBay
Metal Men 47 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 48 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 49 3834098001 9.8160 Shop eBay
Metal Men 50 2032055011 9.8144 Shop eBay
Metal Men 51 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 52 2011304016 9.8144 Shop eBay
Metal Men 53 1557090026 9.8144 Shop eBay
Metal Men 54 No Comic    Shop eBay
Metal Men 55 3834098002 9.8144 Shop eBay
Metal Men 56 No Comic    Shop eBay

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