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Silent Addiction

Set Type: Batman #608-#619
Owner: pastorofmuppets
Last Modified: 5/16/2017
Views: 453

Rank: 25
Score: 630
Leading by: 18
Points to Higher Rank: 20

Set Description:

The "Hush" story arc is what returned my interest in comic book collecting. I collected as a kid, but not very seriously. A friend of mine had just purchased the TPB and had brought it over to my place one night. I sat and read the whole thing. I was stunned at the level of story-telling, and, of course, Jim Lee's stunning art. I was hooked all over again, much like i was when i was a kid. I set out to find the whole run, come hell or high water. It didn't take me more than a few months and a run through of about 12 comic shops to finish. Then, last year, i walk into a comic shop, with absolutely no purchasing agenda, when i gaze up upon the wall to see almost all of the comics you see here on this list, not only for sale, but at $20 each. My eyes popped out of my head like a Looney Toons character. I couldn't pull the money out of my wallet fast enough. In all honesty, it seemed too good to be true. All that was missing was #610 and one of the #619 covers. The #608 Second Printing was a later, ebay purchase. I am hoping to finish this entire run within the next year or so. That is, if i can find a fairly priced #608 RRP. Enjoy.

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Batman 608 0089487008 9.840 Shop eBay
Batman 608 Foil Edition (3/19) No Comic    Shop eBay
Batman 608 Foil Variant Cover No Comic    Shop eBay
Batman 608 Mexican Edition/Convention Edition (2019) No Comic    Shop eBay
Batman 608 New York Post Edition No Comic    Shop eBay
Batman 608 Retailer Incentive Edition No Comic    Shop eBay
Batman 608 Second Printing 0182241005 9.8130 Shop eBay
Batman 608 Special Edition No Comic    Shop eBay
Batman 608 Special Edition (9/09) No Comic    Shop eBay
Batman 609 0068527030 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 610 1038667015 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 611 0119826004 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 612 0119484004 9.840 Shop eBay
Batman 612 Second Printing No Comic    Shop eBay
Batman 613 0119484009 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 614 0119484012 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 615 0078118101 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 616 0068851008 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 617 0090502032 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 618 0121152007 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 619 0068438016 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 619 Variant Cover 0068438022 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman 619 Second Printing 0122426005 9.835 Shop eBay
Batman: Hush Double Feature nn No Comic    Shop eBay
DC Comics Essentials: Batman Hush 1 No Comic    Shop eBay
Dollar Comics: Batman 608 No Comic    Shop eBay

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