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Set Type: Swamp Thing #1-#10 (1972)
Owner: SW3D
Last Modified: 1/10/2020
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Rank: 38
Score: 1975
Leading by: 21
Points to Higher Rank: 65

Set Description:

DC's enduring muck monster, co-created by writer Lein Wein and illustrator Bernie Wrightson, Dark Genesis marks a seminal ten issue run, picking up from the Swamp Thing's 1st appearance from House of Secrets #92.

Scientist and environmental activist Dr. Alec Holland is transformed into a living, breathing, plantman. Replete with super strength, regenerative healing powers, and the ability to take massive damage, the Swamp Thing battles human villians, a sorcerer, genetic-freak-mutations, a werewolf, witchhunters, robots, a Lovecraftian "Great Old One", an extraterrestrial, and even the Dark Knight himself on a quest to restore his humanity.

Succinctly written and handsomely illustrated, this collection shall be noted for the introduction of various supporting and reoccuring characters in the Swamp Thing mythos including: Linda Holland, Lt. Matt Cable, Dr. Anton Arcane and his army of genetic mutations known as the UN-Men, the Patchwork Man (think Frankenstein's Monster), Abigail Arcane, and the Cancer God... M'Nagalah.

Swamp Thing Volume1, Number 1: Story Title: “Dark Genesis”
Issue Synopsis (Spoiler Alert!):

In this premiere issue we are introduced to husband and wife scientists Alec and Linda Holland who are escorted by government agent Matt Cable to an isolated barn in the Louisiana swamps. It is soon revealed Alec has created a compound, known as a "Bio-Restorative Formula", that could turn "Gardens out of sweltering deserts".

In the dark of night, a man named Ferrett, flanked by two goons (Bruno and an unnamed associate), manage to infiltrate the security perimeter set up by Matt Cable, and attempt to intimidate the scientific pair into selling their breakthrough formula to their boss, Mr. E (Nathan Ellery of the Conclave) with a "blank check" offer. Alec Holland refuses and the trio depart but not without a warning.

Ferrett and his henchmen soon return, and attack and render Alec unconscious. They plant explosives in the laboratory. Some time later, Alec regains consciousness and discovers the incendiary device, which explodes, dousing Dr. Holland in a bath of flames and chemicals. In desperation, he flees the barn and leaps into the welcoming waters of the surrounding bog. A supernatural metamorphosis takes place between Man and Nature, and a new being emerges from the bog: a powerful and hulking moss encrusted creature: part-man, part-plant... a Swamp Thing. Confused, the Swamp Thing shambles into the glades, hiding in the shadows and trees, keeping a protective eye on Linda Holland.

A funeral is held for the late Dr. Alec Holland (minus a corpse which was presumed to have disintegrated in the blast). Linda Holland soldiers-on with the experiments (given absolutely no time to truly grieve and mourn her husband's untimely "death"). Ferrett and his accomplaces eventually return. Bruno knocks out Matt Cable with a shovel, and the trio murder Linda Holland. In a rage, the Swamp Thing attacks their vehicle, smashing the auto into a pulp. Bruno emerges from the wreck, and assails the Swamp Thing with gunfire. He quickly falls victim to the Swamp Thing's massive strenght, who snaps his neck with but a single blow. Ferrett also crawls from the wreckage, and opens fire on the Swamp Thing, who in return, metes out equal justice.

Matt Cable regains consciousness and stumbles onto the scene, and mistakenly assumes the Swamp Thing is responsible for the entire tragedy and vows vengeance on the hapless creature, who sullenly retreats into the swamps in search of his lost humanity.

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House of Secrets 92 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 1 0700116004 9.61975 Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 2 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 3 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 4 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 5 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 6 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 7 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 8 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 9 No Comic    Shop eBay
Swamp Thing 10 No Comic    Shop eBay

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