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Missing X-men

Set Type: X-Men - The Missing Years (1970-75)
Owner: surfer99
Last Modified: 5/4/2018
Views: 1384

Rank: 1
Score: 9275
Leading by: 2705
Points to Higher Rank: N/A

Set Description:

1970-1975 X-men appearances. This set has become a labor of love. It features all true X-men and X-villain appearances made during the time between teams when the X-men title ended its run of new stories with issue #66 (March 1970) and entered reprint mode, and when the new team/stories started with issue #94 (August 1975). What were the X-men and X-villains up to during this time? How did the comic book creators of the day keep these characters alive that we had so foolishly cast aside? Thats what this set is about.

Check out this special announcement from Stan Lee at the conclusion of X-men #66…

“This is the final issue of THE X-MEN.
At least for the time being. Though Roy (Thomas) and Neal (Adams) have devoted long hours to recent issues (as have our fill-in artists)- and though a mountain of mail has assured us that many Marvelites truly enjoy the job they’ve been doing- the plain truth is that the magazine’s sales don’t warrant our continuing this title. We feel that the artists and writers involved can better devote their time to other projects, other characters.
And so the X-men go on the shelf.
We doubt if they’ll stay there, though. Our misunderstood mutants, like most of our other heroes, have often seemed to possess a life all their own- and we’ve got an educated hunch that they’ll be zooming into the pages of various Marvel mags in the not-too-distant future. Shed no tears for them, friends; they’ll be around.”

Marvel kept their promise, and this set is living proof. Enjoy!
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Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Amazing Adventures #9 1204767001 9.6150 Shop eBay
Amazing Adventures #10 1041302013 9.490 Shop eBay
Amazing Adventures #11 0708600001 9.61000 Shop eBay
Amazing Adventures #12 1076035001 9.4180 Shop eBay
Amazing Adventures #13 0226414001 9.290 Shop eBay
Amazing Adventures #14 0226414002 9.6300 Shop eBay
Amazing Adventures #15 1100553017 9.6300 Shop eBay
Amazing Adventures #16 0938392001 9.6300 Shop eBay
Amazing Adventures #17 0971306008 9.6300 Shop eBay
Amazing Spider-Man #92 0956800001 9.6550 Shop eBay
Avengers #88 1056598007 9.4225 Shop eBay
Avengers #102 1056529001 9.6210 Shop eBay
Avengers #103 1315610001 9.2115 Shop eBay
Avengers #104 1315610002 9.4138 Shop eBay
Avengers #110 0150761001 9.6400 Shop eBay
Avengers #111 0992454013 9.6400 Shop eBay
Avengers #117 1054044001 9.6350 Shop eBay
Avengers #137 0183296017 9.6120 Shop eBay
Captain America #172 0951918001 9.6100 Shop eBay
Captain America #173 0808847013 9.6100 Shop eBay
Captain America #174 0905421002 9.6100 Shop eBay
Captain America #175 0706231009 9.6100 Shop eBay
Defenders #15 0122822009 9.680 Shop eBay
Defenders #16 0768034010 9.680 Shop eBay
Fantastic Four #102 0975949021 9.4255 Shop eBay
Fantastic Four #103 1116384002 9.4281 Shop eBay
Fantastic Four #104 1041236008 9.6425 Shop eBay
Fear #20 1094131016 9.4160 Shop eBay
Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4 1171161010 9.6275 Shop eBay
Incredible Hulk #150 0952632005 9.6150 Shop eBay
Incredible Hulk #161 1029275008 9.6300 Shop eBay
Incredible Hulk #172 0807430004 9.6275 Shop eBay
Iron Man #68 0226414004 9.690 Shop eBay
Iron Man #69 1041171007 9.690 Shop eBay
Iron Man #70 1043536011 9.690 Shop eBay
Ka-zar #2 1043144005 9.6120 Shop eBay
Ka-zar #3 1009698005 9.6120 Shop eBay
Marvel Team-Up #4 1003340008 9.6320 Shop eBay
Marvel Team-Up #23 0809738012 9.645 Shop eBay
Marvel Tales #30 0915537001 9.6100 Shop eBay
Shanna the She-Devil #5 1159258002 9.680 Shop eBay
Spidey Super Stories #6 1224101003 9.6150 Shop eBay
Sub-Mariner #52 1095939003 9.227 Shop eBay
Sub-Mariner #53 0984416010 9.454 Shop eBay
Sub-Mariner #54 1094133001 9.690 Shop eBay

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