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Is Sharon Stone in this one???

Set Type: X-Men: Fatal Attractions
Owner: kaholo1256
Last Modified: 7/15/2015
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Rank: 1
Score: 490
Leading by: 24
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Set Description:

A bit of 90’s nostalgia here with this one being one of my favorite storylines by Marvel, second only to the X-Cutioner’s Song. I know maybe not the one series most jump onto but ultimately this was one of those series that had a ton of different storylines to spin off from and for good reason. You have the storyline that Wolverine loses his Adamantium, the eventual start-up of Onslaught, and the follow-on Blood-ties storyline, which became another favorite for me.

Having spoke with Scott Lobdell at Amazing Houston this year (2014) it was interesting enough to know that the Wolverine aftermath of him losing his Adamantium was actually just a thrown out idea that no one was actually wanting to be serious about but some how stuck and stuck for longer than anyone had anticipated.

Finally finishing this set up has been one of those rare labors of love but yet still isn’t finished yet. Currently this set has reached that pinnacle 9.8 in every intended slot but even then I’m not satisfied. The current highlights are:

- X-Factor #92 Signed by Lobdell at the Amazing Houston Comic Con

-2 Copies of X-Force #25 with one solely signed by Greg Capullo which I received from another gentlemen (Rich Henn) and my original copy which I was worried wouldn’t come back a 9.8 after a small incident at NYCC this year (2014). That copy is signed by Greg Capullo, Al Milgrom, and signed with a remark sketch by Jimmy Palmiotti. **Edit** Sold the single signature book to JewellzCardzandComicz who currently holds the number three slot here.

-Uncanny X-Men #304 Signed by Scott Lobdell – which is where he spoke about the pulling of Wolverines Adamantium

-X-Men #25 Gold Variant Signed by Andy Kubert thanks to the facilitation of Doug Peters.

-And Excalibur #71 Signed by Scott Lobdell at Amazing Houston as well.

**Edit** 13 January 2014 Wolverine #75 is in and done and now a 9.8SS signed by Adam Kubert

While all of this seems like I would simply rest and take a break with I just can’t bring myself to do it. I still need to get my copy of X-Men #25 the original issue signed by hopefully Andy Kubert, and acquire that one missing piece X-Men #25 the Black and White variant which I would also want signed.

I know I currently have the best built set as of this moment (14 December 2014) but I need to be able to both maintain and improve as much as I can.

Thanks for reading and hopefully by the time the registry awards come around I will have acquired those missing pieces.

*Edit* - AWESOME, as of today - 21 December 2014 I have now completed this set with a 9.8 or 9.8SS in every slot. Just got that last piece from chatboard member heymikesays in one heck of a trade. Hope he enjoys the trade off as much as I do at this very moment. Now on to get the last three books in this set signed and with some huge amounts of luck back in the collection 9.8SS.

**Edit** So as of today 13 January 2015 I now have only 2 books remaining before I have the full Set signed sealed and 9.8ed in the Signature Series column. This has been a hell of a set to build especially with multiple raw copies submitted but its about to come to a close in a short amount of time. Just two more Andy Kubert signatures away on this set.
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Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
X-Factor 92 1237099002 9.838 Shop eBay
X-Force 25 1272381002 9.835 Shop eBay
Uncanny X-Men 304 1237099001 9.855 Shop eBay
X-Men 25 1318016002 9.871 Shop eBay
X-Men 25 Gold Edition 1240441001 9.8132 Shop eBay
X-Men 25 Variant Edition 0034945005 9.880 Shop eBay
Wolverine 75 1277177002 9.844 Shop eBay
Excalibur 71 1237099003 9.835 Shop eBay

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