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Angela Pre-Marvel!

Set Type: Angela
Owner: SW3D
Last Modified: 6/6/2015
Views: 460

Rank: 3
Score: 318
Leading by: 54
Points to Higher Rank: 266

Set Description:

You've been probably wondering, "How come I haven't heard nor hide nor hair of SW3D's psycho-babble about Angela lately? Or maybe not?

Well, if you missed it (or me), or didn't, either way, I'm back, or should I say, Angela's back! That's right... it's another arousing edition of: "For the Love of Angela!"

And in this exhilarating segment, we're going to discuss my recent acquisition: Image Comics' Angela #1.

Now to most collectors, and even some die-hard Angela fans, this issue may not appear to be a really big deal. Why? Well... due to availability... Angela Number #1's are available in high quantity at most any grade. And although the total CGC Census population numbers for this particular issue are relatively low (76 currently), as Angela's star continues to rise in the Marvel U, undoubtedly, it will have an impact on its population growth.

But there are other factors... key factors and historical notations, in my opinion, that many have failed to realize (or perhaps they're not that significant to warrant mentioning).

So what is the BFD (Big f@@king deal) about this one anyway?

Glad you asked.

These are some of the key notations Angela and Comic Book Collectors alike should be aware of that the CGC has, for whatever reason, omitted (and I'll list these in order of significance):

1. Angela's 1st Eponymous Title/1st Solo Appearance.

2. Angela's 2nd Appearance.

3. Neil Gaiman's 2nd story ever written for Image.

4. 1st Angela work sans Todd McFarlane.

5. Reveal: Angela's discloses her age: 100,000! (Holy sh$t she's a hottie for an ancient relic! I occasionally like my women to be mature but this lady is 1,000 millennia old! Damn!)

6. 1st Appearance of Angela's logo.

But the one distinguishing characteristic that makes this one also pretty special:

7. This is the first time legendary Spawn artist Greg Capullo illustrates Angela!

And on top of that, this particular comic has the master's inscription. Although other signature copies exist (there are two others on the census), this one is currently in the top spot graded at that magic number: 9.8!

I love it! I love it! I love it!

About the cover: Greg Capullo chose to showcase the Angelic Warrior with a tight close-up of her noble countenance. The intensity and crimson spots on her face and the warm blood running down her blade and armor can only lead the reader to assume she's hot and heavy in battle, beautifully framed... which makes it an ideal choic as a mantlepiece! But all kidding aside, in my opinion, Capullo captured the essence of this hellion, for when Angela gets into the thick of things, she's speaks with her lance, dagger and sword. Now that's the Angela I know and love! Marvel Comics TAKE NOTE!

So, without further pomp and circumstance, I give you... Angela #1, Signed by Greg Capullo.

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Angela 1 1182921003 9.870 Shop eBay
Angela 2 1291072002 9.848 Shop eBay
Angela 3 No Comic    Shop eBay
Angela Special Edition 1 Pirate Spawn Cover 0029335001 9.8200 Shop eBay
Angela Special Edition 1 Pirate Angela Cover No Comic    Shop eBay
Angela/Glory: Rage of Angels 1 No Comic    Shop eBay
Angela/Glory: Rage of Angels 1 Variant Cover No Comic    Shop eBay

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