Nude Microwave Scandal
Millennium Edition: Mad 1


Comic Description: Millennium Edition: Mad #1 Universal
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1055015002
Owner: Neeidea


Winning Set: Nude Microwave Scandal
Date Added: 12/4/2011
Research: Currently not available

Owner's Description

This comic was a DC reprint of the original first issue of Mad, however, inside DC left out the E.C. copyright notice from the reference to the original publication as well as mistakenly associating the characters and indicia to themselves instead of E.C. In addition to these DC also missed out both Gaines and Kurtman from the credits on the inside back cover. DC immediately withdrew the comic to correct all these problems.

The second picture shows the inside back cover credits from the recalled edition, with the corrected edition to the right for comparison.
Image #1

Image #2

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