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Comic Description: Action Comics 437 Universal
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1497196002
Owner: Brandon Shepherd


Custom Sets: Action X: My Top Ten
Sets Competing: Man of Silver and Bronze  Score: 400
Man of Action  Score: 400
Research: See CGC's Census Report for this Comic

Owner's Description

"Magic is Bustin' Out all Over!"
July, 1974

Elliot Maggin story
Curt Swan and Kurt Schaffenberger art
Nick Cardy cover

100 page issue.
Green Lantern, Flash, Batman and
Green Arrow appearance.

Grade Date: 11/29/2017
Acquired: 02/07/2018
1 of 2 in 9.8 when purchased.

For years the lone 9.8 in the census for Action #437 was the Pacific Coast copy, that changed in November of 2017. In February 2018, my dream of having this 9.8 WHITE page grail became a reality.

The coloring is vibrant, thanks to a flat, clean glossy cover. The cover alignment is perfect also, with a clean back white cover. Love it! Let's not forget the dark cover edges, always unforgiving of defects. Speaking of covers, I love the appearance of all the other DC characters bursting out.

Another grail of mine was Action #443, the only other 100 page issue in the Action Comics run. After basking in the glow of finding my first grail I told myself that I now needed Action #437 in 9.8, five years to the month of getting Action #443, I got to hold both books side by side.

This awesome, 100 page giant also contains the following stories.

"The First Frogman!"
Reprinted from Showcase #28 (September-October 1960).

"The Sea Devils vs. the Octopus Man!"
Reprinted from Sea Devils #1 (October 1961).

"DC Cover Gallery"
Contains original covers of four issues reprinted within this issue:
Sea Devils #1, Mystery in Space #85, Western Comics #77 & My Greatest Adventure #3.

"Riddle of the Runaway Rockets!"
Reprinted from Mystery in Space #85 (August 1963).

"The Barbed Wire Barricade!"
Reprinted from Western Comics #77 (October 1959).

"Chief Hot Foot"

"I was King of the Daredevils"
Reprinted from My Greatest Adventure #3 (May 1955).

"The Man who Returned from the Dead!"
Reprinted from Doll Man #13 (Summer 1945).

Pedigree Comics comments:
One of only two NM/M's in the entire Western hemisphere! This is a killer, possibly undergraded squarebound Action with absolutely no flaws. A 100 Page Giant, it features appearances by the Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Flash and sports a cool Nick Cardy cover. Definitely a worthwhile investment as these 100 pagers don't turn up this nice every day!! Fresh as a daisy with BONE white paper and ridiculous cover gloss.

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