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Category:  Varieties
Owner:  Triskelion
Last Modified:  10/31/2014
Set Description
Various Pedigree & Special Collection Slabs

Set Goals
Get 1 of each!

Slot Name
Item Description
Owner Comments
Joe/Nadia Mannarino Metamorpho 6 Universal 9.4 Joe & Nadia Mannarino Collection
grimhourman Aug 2014
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Dallas Stephens Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 3 Universal 9.2 Ebay Aug 2014 View Comic
Dave Berg Collection Three Stooges 1 Universal 5.0 From the Dave Berg Collection

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Don/Maggie Thompson Doctor Strange 14 Universal 9.2 Don/Maggie Thompson Pedigree
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Northford Weird Fantasy 17 Universal 8.0 comicsfun Ebay
Northford Pedigree
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Massachusetts Werewolf By Night 4 Universal 9.6 Massachusetts Pedigree
Flamingcarrot99 Aug 2014
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Boston Plastic Man 5 9.6 Boston Pedigree
Grimhourman Aug 2014
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Twin Cities Fantasy Masterpieces 8 Universal 8.5 Twin Cities Pedigree
grimhourman Aug 2014
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David Crippen 'D' Whiz Comics 142 Universal 3.5 Davis Crippen "D" Pedigree
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Crowley Whiz Comics 38 Universal 6.5 Crowley Pedigree
grimhourman Aug 2014
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Oakland Millie the Model 172 Universal 8.0 Oakland Pedigree
grimhourman August 2014
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Mile High 2 Marvel Team-Up 63 Modern 9.6 Mile High II
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Suscha News Wulf the Barbarian 2 Universal 9.2 Suscha News Pedigree
ebay Aug 2014
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Savannah Journey Into Mystery 124 Universal 7.5 chestntghut July 2014 View Comic
Rocky Mountain Fury of Firestorm 18 Modern 9.8 Rocky Mountain Ped.
Acroyear July 2014
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Winnipeg Devil Dinosaur 4 Modern 9.4 purplezeke
My first Winnepeg pedigree
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Western Penn Flash Gordon 5 Universal 8.5 Lewiswaynegallery
My first Western Penn pedigree
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Northland T.H.E. Cat 1 Universal 8.5 Robert Loggia photo cover
My first Northland pedigree

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Bethlehem Turok, Son of Stone 22 9.4 Turok and Andar fight off a hostile cave tribe in "The Outsiders". In order to learn their secrets of fire and bows and arrows, the tribe abducts Andar and threatens to throw him into a pit full of honkers. In "The Stone Builders", the lost Indians are captured and forced into slavery to build a stone monument. The condition of the other slaves makes it clear that they must either escape or die as slaves (

Bethlehem Pedigree

A Timetrapper slabbed purchase (May 2014 - 000030)
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Mile High 2 Avengers 188 Modern 9.2 Source: iwanthatauction
Date: Feb 2011
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Don Rosa Golden Comics Digest 31 Universal 9.4 This paperback from 1973 features stories from the first Turok comics, including the very first adventure when they discover the entrance into Lost Valley. There are 9 stories, not all of them about Turok and Andar. There's another feature called "Indian Chief." (

My 1st Turok purchase via Heritage Auctions, Jan 2011. Don Rosa Pedigree
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Nicolas Cage Collection Hero For Hire 9 Universal 4.5 Nicolas Cage Collection
Ebay July 2014
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