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Artists unique Sketches & Remarks

Category:  Other
Owner:  Rob Wilby
Last Modified:  1/27/2020
Set Description
Blank cover sketches and Remarks on non Blank covers

Slot Name
Item Description
Owner Comments
Lee virgin variant Immortal Hulk 18 Modern 9.6 View Comic
Sketch & Signature by Mike Rooth Conan the Barbarian 1 Signature 9.8 Painted Cover by Mike Rooth View Comic
Kirby's Comic Art Gerard Parel signed and Sketch Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil 1 Signature 9.8 View Comic
  Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil 3 Signature 9.8 kIRBY'S COMIC ART
View Comic
Kirby's Comic art Signature and Sketch by Fred Ian Vampirella vs Reanimator 3 Signature 9.8 Kirby's Comic Art first cover with Clan Macdonald comics
Ltd to 400 sets with Barbarella/Dejah Thoris
View Comic
Wolverine remark by Lucio Parrillo Generations: Wolverine & All-New Wolverine 1 Signature 9.8 Signed and Sketch by Lucio Parrillo View Comic
Scotts Parrillo Signed and Remarked Red Sonja v5 #1 Signature 9.8 View Comic
Daredevil - Remark Daredevil 600 Signature 9.8 Signed by John Romita Senior and Chris Sotomayer
Sketch by Chris Sotomayer
View Comic
  Medieval Spawn & Witchblade 1 Signature 9.8 Remark by Lucio Parrillo
Signed by Lucio Parrillo
Highest graded
View Comic
Cover and Remark by Lucio Parrillo Vampirella v4 #11 Signature 9.8 Signed and Remark by Lucio Parrillo View Comic
Spiderman 800 remark by Lucio Parrillo Amazing Spider-Man 800 Signature 9.8 Comic Mint Lucio Parrillo Sign & Sketch View Comic
Mike Mayhew Remark Amazing Spider-Man 800 Signature 9.6 Comic Mint
Mike Mayhew Sign & Sketch
View Comic
Venom cover and remark by Lucio Parrillo Venom 161 Signature 9.6 View Comic
Fantastic Four 1 Mattina Doctor Doom Sketch Fantastic Four 1 Signature 9.4 Dr Doom sketched and signed by Francesco Mattina View Comic
Spawn Remark by Mattina signed by Todd McFarlane Spawn 280 Signature 9.8 Scotts exclusive
Signed and Sketch by Mattina, Signed by McFarlane
View Comic
Luke Cage Sketch by Maria Sanapo Defenders 1 Signature 9.0 View Comic
Daredevil Sketch by Marco Santucci Defenders 1 Signature 9.8 Sketch & Signed by Marco Santucci View Comic

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