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Unleash the Arsenal

Category:  Character Runs
Owner:  Sauce Dog
Last Modified:  4/7/2021
Set Description

Tribute to the original doomsday-level threat!

In the final days of World War II, a group of Allied scientists led by Howard Stark developed "Project Tomorrow" and the creation of a robot called Arsenal, a prototype doomsday weapon to be deployed in the event of an Axis victory. When the Allies won the war, the project was deemed too dangerous and Arsenal was stored underneath what would become Avengers Mansion. Reawakening in modern times, Arsenal battled Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Like many other comic fans at the time, the Death of Superman storyline would become a defining comic event for me, and I specifically found myself enamoured with Doomsday, though he left me feeling a strange sense of deja-vu. This reason for this nagging familiarity would become clear after I scoured the back issues of my prized Iron Man collection, looking for an issue I loved in my early years. There I would find Arsenal, a long forgotten epic doomsday weapon!

It became impossible not to compare the two; both of them remained buried underground in secret, only to awaken many years later. They appeared to be mindless killing machines, bent only on a singular violent goal, and demonstrated amazing adaptive abilities that would allow them to easily dispatch even the most mightiest of superhero teams (and in both cases defeat each companies star red-and-blue clad all American hero). The visual designs could also be contrasted; while both featured a hulking grey physique, Doomsday would have organic protrusions over his, whereas the ones Arsenal sports are technological. I might be grasping at straws here, but I can't help but feel someone at DC read a few of these issues along the way :)

I remain a fan of both characters, and am under no illusions regarding who would actually win if they ever crossed paths, but my heart will always go to Arsenal as the original grey powerhouse that gave the heroes one of the biggest hits of their lives.

Set Goals
Building an arsenal of 9.8 issues that feature the original "Beta" Arsenal unit, the classic superhero doomsday weapon!

Slot Name
Item Description
Owner Comments
"The Menace of...Arsenal!" Iron Man 114 Modern 9.8 1st Appearance View Comic
"Today the Avengers Die!" Avengers Annual 9 Modern 9.8 2nd Appearance View Comic
"Again, Arsenal!" Incredible Hulk 282 Modern 9.8 3rd Appearance View Comic

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