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DC Universe Logo Books (Doomsday! Funeral for a Friend)

Category:  My 10 Best
Owner:  Iconic1s
Last Modified:  11/14/2022
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I realized that there are exactly ten DC Universe Logo books in my main competitive set. Some are very hard to find in any grade so I wanted to make this custom set to be able to display them all at once, and in the order that they were published. My goal is to have all 10 in 9.8, which is important for this set but even more important for my main Superman (Doomsday! Funeral for a Friend Reign of the Supermen) set. One more to go!

Here are links to both my competitive set and another larger custom set of Doomsday books where these books are also kept along with quite a few others...



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Doomsday! Superman: The Man of Steel 18 Modern 9.8 <i>I have a second 9.8 copy of this book that was from my own submission.</i>

I like the way the DC Universe logo has been knocked crooked by Doomsday's escape from containment, not to mention that he busted the title of the book! This guy is bad with a capital B... Bad!

For a period of time I also collected Captain America comics/memorabilia, but have since focused entirely back on DC/Superman. I had a Captain America 25 signed by Joe Simon, Stan Lee, Steve Epting, and Ed Brubaker. I sold that and was able to finance this book as well as the fourth printing at the same time. I paid $349.99 for this book but because I used money from a sale it wasn't as <i>painful</i> as it sounds! I probably bought this book on the high side but man I wanted to add it to my set! I love setting all five printings of this book side by side and just looking at them. I ended up getting my hands on another pretty nice looking copy which I submitted, and which came back 9.8, grade date 25 September 2020. I will hang onto the second copy as well even though I could probably sell it pretty quickly to make this slot overall less pricey.

This is the only book in this set that received a fifth printing. The second picture is of all five of these printings together to show the variations of the title colors. Kind of makes me dizzy looking at them sideways but this was the best way I could fit all five in the frame. Really fun!

<i>I've since either reholdered, upgraded, or swapped out some of the books in the second picture but kept this group picture here to remember what life was like when I first got all five printings of this book together in 9.8 for the first time.</i>
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Down for the Count Justice League America 69 Modern 9.8 I bought this book from My Comic Shop for $599.99. I originally spotted it on eBay and then checked it out on their site. The addition of this book put my set at 95 percent complete.

My first impression of this book was not very good. The label did not identify it as a fourth printing, and the certification number was associated with a first printing. When looking closely at the scan of the book it appeared to have some issues. I really wanted this book in 9.8 but did not want to purchase it unless I knew for sure that it was alright, and that I would be able to get it in the correct holder and identified as the fourth printing that it actually is.

I was able to contact the Consignment Director at My Comic Shop. She pulled the book and assured me that it looked fine. In her opinion, it was on par with other 9.8's she had handled, and the case showed no signs of being tampered with.

I went ahead and completed the purchase and then asked My Comic Shop for help with the reholder process. They were given an authorization code from CGC, which allowed them to send the book to CGC for correction and then it was sent from CGC directly to me. I'm glad that I contacted the store before making the purchase and I appreciate the extra effort <i>Este</i>, the Consignment Director, put in to get the book correctly labeled for me.

Now that I have the book in my possession, I am very happy that the book looks great in person. I agree with <i>Este</i> and can say that it is clearly a book deserving of the 9.8 grade. I’m happy to have it!

I included the image from the original eBay/My Comic Shop listing in the second picture slot showing it incorrectly labeled. It also shows that my concerns with the condition of the book were caused by either the slab/inner well, or the scanner bed, but not the actual book.

One of only two 9.8's in the census at the time.
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Countdown to Doomsday! Superman 74 Modern 9.8 I had been watching this book and an Action Comics 684 third printing 9.8 on eBay for quite awhile. My Wife surprised me with an early Father's Day gift budget so I was able to make offers on both, and both sellers accepted. I am really happy to have grabbed both at fair prices because they can be pretty hard to find. Like some of the other books in this set this one seems to heat up every once in awhile and then cool off before heating up again... it wasn't the first (or the last) time I think I bought a book on the hot end. It was still what I felt was fair based on how much I wanted it... $225.00, so hot or cold doesn't matter so much when that's the case. Even with my set at 100 percent complete I still can't say that I have paid more for any book than I <i>personally</i> felt it was worth... <i>I hope I can still say that when I finally have all 9.8's or above.</i>

These two books rounded out the DC Universe logo variants from just the <i>Doomsday</i> portion of this story, which I show in the second picture. It took me quite a few tries before I was able to figure out how to best photograph these books together to show all of the DC Universe logos! The only book from this portion of the story, not including Superman 75, to not get a DC Universe logo printing was Adventures of Superman 497.

I have a Custom Set to show just all ten DC Universe logo books from this entire set together. Here's a link to that set to cut and paste:
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…Doomsday is Near! Action Comics 684 Modern 9.8 I had my eye on this book on eBay for quite awhile as the listing ended and was relisted multiple times. I had been waiting for the price to drop but it never did. It ended up that my Wife surprised me with an early Father's Day gift budget and I was able to make offers on this one and also a Superman 74 fourth printing. I made what I thought were fair offers on both to different sellers and they both accepted within an hour of each other. I am really happy to have gotten this book for what I feel was a fair price of $275.00, even if it still wasn't cheap. I have had a pretty nice raw copy sitting in the queue for awhile waiting for it's turn to be sent to CCS and CGC. I may still send it in to see how it does but for now I can rest easy with this book in my collection.

<i>When I took the second picture it was the only place in the World that you could see all three of these printings together graded, let alone all in 9.8 with white pages.</i> Only time will tell how long this stays the case. I have since added a Signature Series copy of the first printing to my collection but left this picture for historical purposes to document the first time all three printings were brought together in 9.8, including the first ever graded copy of the second printing!
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Doomsday is Here! Superman: The Man of Steel 19 Modern 9.8 <i>"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney</i>

I consider this book one of my first major successes as far as my own submissions go. This being my favorite cover <i>art</i> I was really driven to get all three printings graded 9.8. I wasn't so sure it was going to happen though! I bought this raw for $18.00 from a Comic Book Shop online after winning a couple of their other raw books on eBay and being pretty pleased with them. When I got this book though it didn't look like it would come back 9.8 so I just bagged/boarded it and set it aside. I then ended up winning a 9.6 on eBay, which I thought I would get pressed and resubmitted hoping to upgrade to 9.8.

In the meantime I obsessed over this copy, taking it out of the bag/board often and looking it over, trying to make a decision on it. I was convinced that the best I'd expect back was 9.6, but I decided to send it to CCS for pressing and forwarding to CGC anyways. I liked the book so much that even if it didn't get a 9.8 at least it would be safe inside a slab where I could no longer handle it! Five months later I got the grades and this book, as well as my two Green Lantern 46 second printings (mentioned above), got 9.8's! I love having all three printings displayed side by side. I'm really glad that I sent this copy to CCS and gave it a chance!

I love this cover and really enjoy having all three printings in 9.8! The group picture in the second slot is very cool... I also have a direct edition of the first printing (see that slot) and have upgraded my first printing to a ss book since taking this picture. <i>Super cool!</i>

The newsstand shown here IS NOT a variant, but this picture does serve the purpose of showing three different takes on <i>art box</i> use.
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Death of a Legend Adventures of Superman 498 Signature 9.8 <i>From the 'NO ONE CAN KILL SUPERMAN!' collection.</i>

I may have referred to other books in this collection as my grail from time to time, but this book is truly my <i>grail of all grails.</i> The cover art for Man of Steel 19 is still my favorite <i>art</i> in this set but I really love the way this Adventures of Superman 498 fourth printing comes together as a whole. There is something about the combination of the black and white image of Superman laying upside down on the ground and the purple and yellow title that is very appealing to me. Add the DC Universe logo and the roman numeral IV to the mix and it’s just incredible! This is truly a case where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Although not part of the book, the yellow ss label goes pretty well with this book too! This book's holder had a small crack on the lower left corner when I bought it. I finally worked up the courage to send this book, as well as a few others in my Base Set to get reholdered in September 2020. That was the beginning of getting all of these books in the new holder.

I had been searching pretty hard for a copy of this book worthy of submission. I paid way too much for a sealed <i>Funeral for a Friend</i> box set hoping for a 9.8 inside the box. It seemed that each copy I found had a different isolated trouble area, whether it was a corner issue, spine tick, or some other defect, while the rest of the book would be perfect. The copy from the box set had never been removed but had shifted ever so slightly within the box for so long that the ink near both staples had been rubbed off. The possibility of me finding a 9.8 of this book was not looking good. At the same time there was one 9.8 Signature Series in the census but it was not listed in any registered set. I wondered who the lucky owner of that book was.

While discussing some of the other books from <i> the 'NO ONE CAN KILL SUPERMAN!' collection</i> I asked the owner on a lark, whether he happened to have a 498 fourth printing. He replied that he did, <i>but</i> it was a ss! I just about fell on the floor and didn’t even try to hide my excitement. Even when letting him know how much I wanted this book, the owner was completely fair in his dealing with me. I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy some of the people you meet while collecting, but this was truly an extraordinary experience, which is another reason for me to make sure it is known which 15 books came from that collection.

This was the lone 9.8 in the census when I added it, and is signed by Dan Jurgens. It doesn’t get any better than that!

<b>In the collector world the term grail is often used to describe something we are in search of, <i>a thing that is being earnestly pursued or sought after.</i></b>

Because this book is <i>MY</i> grail I included a picture of what many now believe to be the <i>ACTUAL</i> grail in the second picture slot. I have always been fascinated by the legend of the Holy Grail as well as the Arthurian legend so I thought it would be fun to include this here. Excerpts of a 2018 History Channel article by Christopher Klein are below.

"In their book "The Kings of the Grail", medieval history lecturer Margarita Torres and art historian José Miguel Ortega del Rio claim the Holy Grail rests inside the Basilica of San Isidoro in the northern Spanish city of León. They say that a three-year investigation led to their conclusion that the hallowed cup that Jesus Christ supposedly drank from at the Last Supper and that was used to collect his precious blood is a jewel-encrusted goblet that has long been known as the chalice of the Infanta Doña Urraca in honor of the daughter of King Ferdinand I, ruler of León and Castile from 1037 to 1065.

The researchers had been investigating Islamic remains in the Basilica of San Isidoro when they came across medieval Egyptian parchments that mentioned that the holy chalice had been taken from Jerusalem to Cairo and then given to an emir who ruled an Islamic kingdom on Spain’s Mediterranean coast in return for the help he gave to famine-stricken Egypt. The emir then gifted the chalice as a peace offering to the Christian King Ferdinand. The goblet has been in the basilica’s possession since the 11th century and in plain sight in the church’s basement museum since the 1950s.

The chalice, made of gold and onyx and sprinkled with precious stones, is actually two goblets fused together, one turned up, the other down. The upper half is made of agate and missing a fragment, exactly as described in the Egyptian parchments. Scientific dating has placed the origin of the cup between 200 B.C. and 100 A.D. They concede they cannot definitively prove that the chalice actually touched Jesus’s lips, only that it is the vessel that early Christians revered as the one used at the Last Supper. “The only chalice that could be considered the chalice of Christ is that which made the journey to Cairo and then from Cairo to León—and that is this chalice.”

This is not the first time that the Holy Grail has been “found.” From Latvia to Scotland, more than 200 goblets in Europe alone have been posited as being the holy relic. Some claim the cup rests in the sewers of Jerusalem while others believe that the medieval Knights Templar took the goblet from Jerusalem during the Crusades and eventually secreted it away in New World locations. Some theorize it is even hidden inside Fort Knox.

If there is a Holy Grail, proving that it indeed was the goblet used by Jesus would be nearly impossible. One thing that’s all but certain, however, is that in spite of the latest announcement, history’s greatest treasure hunt will continue."

<i>Not everyone believes in grails however...</i>

According to Carlos de Ayala, a medieval historian at a Madrid University, “The Grail legend is a literary invention of the 12th century with no historical basis. You cannot search for something that does not exist.”

<i>All I can say is it must stink to be that guy!</i>
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Funeral Day Superman: The Man of Steel 20 Modern 9.8 "dil·ly-dal·ly - verb - waste time through aimless wandering or indecision." Dictionary

<i><b>This book missed being the first 9.8 copy of this issue to enter the census by one day!</b></i>

This book was graded on 17 September 2020 and was thought to be the first 9.8 in the census until another showed up on eBay, literally the day I received this one in the mail, that had been graded on 16 September 2020! Crazy that two 9.8’s of this book were submitted by two different people, in different parts of the country, and graded within a day of each other, 27 years after the release date... <i>wow!</i> This was the first 9.8 copy to join a registered set... <i>yes!</i>

<i>With the addition of this book, I only needed three more 9.8’s to complete the entire 98 book Base Set in all 9.8 or above!</i>

I bought this book from fellow CGC forum member <i>onlyweaknesskryptonite.</i> I had bought some other books (raw and graded) from him in the past and was always really happy. In fact, I had previously bought a raw copy of this book from him that I submitted, and which ended up grading 9.2. That 9.2 was the second copy to enter the census.

My previous highest copy of this book was a 9.6 which was the first copy of this book to <i>ever</i> be graded. I have included a picture of all three of my copies together in the second picture slot.

The consensus on the CGC forums seems to be that this is the rarest of the DC Universe logo books from this set. I got the 9.6 off of eBay when I had the one that would become the 9.2 submitted for grading. I knew my submission was not a 9.8; I was just going to be happy to have a copy of this book graded at all, but I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have the 9.6 at the time either.

Although this may indeed be the rarest of the <i>DC Universe logo books</i> from this set I do not personally think that it is the rarest of <i>all the books</i> in this set. I think that distinction goes to the Legacy of Superman 1 second printing. I am basing this opinion on the amount of time I spent looking for these books. I have seen several copies of this book available. They all may not have been 9.8 candidates but they existed nonetheless. Try looking for a second printing of Legacy of Superman 1 and see how that goes; I spent a lot of time looking for that book and wasn't able to unearth even a single raw copy, or find anyone that said they had one. The only copy of that book anywhere was in <i>the 'NO ONE CAN KILL SUPERMAN!' collection</i> and it is now in this set.

This 9.6 was listed on eBay one morning and I considered it for a couple hours, asked my Wife what she thought, and then said <i>what the heck</i> and went ahead and bought it. It also helped that once I watched it, the seller sent me an offer within 15 minutes. I ended up paying $400.00 for that book. Yes, that was a lot of money for a 9.6, and of course I would have preferred a 9.8, but it was still pretty cool to have the first and only copy of this book ever graded at the time!

I knew I would likely never find a 9.8 raw copy of this book. I considered sending the 9.6 in for CPR if enough time passed with a 9.8 never showing up. I had looked it over pretty well and didn't see anything that would keep it from having a shot at being graded 9.8, but I waited, and waited. Interestingly, when I first added the 9.6 to my set the Registry did not even have comic scores for this book, and I had to ask for them to be created.


On Thursday evening, 24 September 2020, I was up looking at the forums and got a notification that <i>onlyweaknesskryptonite</i> had posted in the <i>This Week Back From CGC</i> topic. I went to check his post to see what my friend had gotten back from CGC and saw some pretty amazing books, including the beautiful 9.8 you see here. My jaw dropped! Once I picked myself up off the floor, I sent him a message asking if he intended on selling it. After a couple messages back and forth, I made an offer. I did not <i>dilly-dally</i> with this book and only made one offer which I knew was the top of what I was willing and able to pay. He agreed that my offer was fair; I paid immediately and he shipped it the very next day. On Saturday, 26 September 2020, less than 48 hours after seeing it on the CGC forums, I had the book in hand... <i>FAST!</i> At the time there was one 9.8 that just popped up in the census and I think we were both under the impression it was this book, until the <i>eBay incident</i> mentioned above. Even if I had known about the other 9.8 I still would have made the same offer.

Thank you <i>onlyweaknesskryptonite</i> for your help wth adding this book!

The other 9.8 ended up selling for $813.99 on 1 October 2020.
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Grave Obsession Adventures of Superman 499 Modern 9.6 "com·ple·tist - noun - an obsessive, typically indiscriminate, collector or fan of something." Dictionary

This is the last book in my Base Set of 98 books that is not 9.8 or above. I believe the 9.6 you see here could have just as easily came back 9.8. If I get my hands on a second 9.6 before I find a 9.8, I will submit this copy for CPR... as much as I think this book has a shot at 9.8, I'm not willing to have it cracked without a backup. I don't want to jeopardize this 9.6 if the worst were to happen!

I bought this book off of eBay when I already had a 9.4. It had been listed for a couple months, the price dropped, but it did not have a make an offer option. Over the course of the listing I sent the seller a couple messages asking if they would accept a lower price. I also asked if it had been pressed and the response was that it had not. To me, this left open the option of attempting CPR on the book later. The price never did come down to where I really wanted it to be but they did end up meeting me half way at $225.00. At the time there were three of these in the census, one each 9.8, 9.6, and 9.4, and I had the 9.4 and 9.6. The 9.8 was listed on eBay in mid-2019 originally for $1500.00 and ended up selling for $800.00. I could have bought it then but at the time I still needed over 30 books to be at 100 percent completion... with that far to go I wasn't yet at the point where I could justify paying that much for a single book. Solid raw copies are really hard to come by so I will most likely be waiting for another 9.8 to come up for sale and then make the decision whether I want it bad enough to pay what's being asked. I don't regret not buying the 9.8 when I had the chance... most things happen for a reason and who knows how that might have impacted the rest of my journey putting these books together.

The 9.4 that I originally had was the first book that I purchased for this set that was already graded and not a 9.8. I had decided that if I submitted a book and it came back less than 9.8 I could put it in the set while looking for a better copy, but that I wouldn’t buy a graded book that wasn't a 9.8. I ended up abandoning that idea in order to have some of the harder to find books like this one in my collection until I got a 9.8 copy.

I had gotten the 9.4 from a fellow board member, and probably the most knowledgeable person I have met regarding many of these books, <i>onlyweaknesskryptonite</i>. I bought the book knowing that there was a hair in the slab, up against the book. In fact, he had even previously created a CGC forum post about this <i>hair.</i>

When I received the 9.4 I prepared to get it reholdered. I had already created an order and mailed the book before I was advised by another board member to contact Brittany at CGC. Once I contacted Brittany everything was taken care of. The book was reholdered and back on it's way to me within a week. The order was changed from a reholder to MECHANICAL ERROR and I did not pay anything for the service, not even return shipping. I did pay to ship the book to CGC but that's okay because I sent it in with another order. Great customer service from CGC and I appreciate fellow board member's pointing me in the right direction!

I am pleased with this copy and could technically be done with this set right now... but the <i>completist</i> in me <i>really</i> wants to finish it in all 9.8 or above!

Speaking of <i>completist;</i> I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve this gallery, even if it doesn’t always mean adding a book that is an <i>official</i> member of it. I want to make this gallery as fun as possible, and as I need fewer and fewer 9.8’s, I continue working on it to do just that. When I came across the book in the second image slot, which at the time was the only graded copy of Action Comics 727, I felt like it was meant to be here. I added it to the gallery in May 2021, when Adventures of Superman 499 third printing was the <i>final</i> 9.8 I needed. It made sense to include it here because; 1) it also has the Centennial Park Superman statue on the cover (this time at night and covered in snow!), and 2) it takes place during the <i><b>Final</b> Night</i> storyline and this is the <i><b>Final</b> Book</i> I need in 9.8! I think these parallels are interesting and cool... I just hope that; 3) the World isn’t also dark and frozen over by the time I finish this collection in 9.8... <i>yikes!</i>

Note - I was able to get my hands on a raw copy of this book and submitted it in May 2021... I got that copy on eBay, auction style for $57.00. It had a lot of dents and I submitted it through CCS. Grade date ended up being 13 December 2021 and it received a 9.4. Although that was a great grade for the particular book, I was obviously hoping it would somehow pull off a 9.8 after pressing. It was really fun to be able to submit a copy of this book myself!

After the submission I now have two 9.4's and one 9.6 of this book... the hunt continues!

Note - In August 2022 I cracked the 9.4 I submitted and sent it back in for the Dan Jurgens In-House Private Signing... I selected the remarque and asked for a Doomsday sketch! Will provide details, and probably give that book it's own slot in my Custom Set when it comes back... hoping for great and wonderful things!
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Who’s Buried in Superman’s Tomb? Action Comics 686 Modern 9.8 “e·nig·ma - noun - a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.” Dictionary

<b>After adding this book, I could count on one hand the number of 9.8's I needed to complete my entire Base Set in at least 9.8... five!</b>

I bought this book off of eBay for $1100.00! It was only the second 9.8 copy of this book to come up for sale; the first was the lone 9.8 at the time and sold for $750.00 about a year prior to this one. This book was originally listed for $3000.00 and then again for $3200.00 before the seller and I worked out the $1100.00 price through offers and counteroffers. There were four 9.8’s in the census when I bought this book and it's addition put my Base Set at 93 of 98 total books in at least 9.8.

This book is the my third copy. It replaced a 9.4 that was from my own submission. The 9.4 had replaced a 9.6 Restored Label book that I had also submitted prior to that. The restored book spent about three months in my Base Set, and the 9.4 was there a little over a month before this 9.8 replaced it. <i>With this book being so hard to find in any grade, all three of them will remain in my collection and I have included a group picture in the second picture slot.</i>

I had decided to add the restored book and one other, at a time when I was down to my last two books before being at 100 percent completion. I had one last criterion that I required myself to meet before I could add those and that was that I had to have another raw copy of the same book submitted to CGC before doing so. While working on this set, I collected and gathered raw books from many different sources. As a result, I had several books that I submitted return with color touch restoration, this was a huge (and expensive) learning experience. The other restored book, Superman 76 second printing, has since been replaced with a 9.8 Universal Label book that I submitted myself, and which I personally opened from its collector's pack ensuring it had not been altered!

I had bought the 9.4 copy of this book raw for $125.00 on eBay thinking that it would probably grade right about where it did. When that book arrived it was one case where the book was even better looking in person than what was shown in the listing. I still didn't think it was 9.8 material, but I stuck it right back in the bag and board and mailed it off to CCS immediately. I was happy with the grade and even happier to add it to my collection and be able to replace the last restored book with a Universal Label.

I opened this description with the definition of <i>enigma</i> and that is how I see this particular book right now. The lone 9.8 sells for $750.00... about a year later there are four 9.8's and this book is not the rarest <i>graded</i> DC Universe logo book in this entire storyline, yet I paid what I paid for it. When my 9.4 was graded there were three CGC copies on eBay that popped up in this order; an 8.5 listed for $249.99, a 9.4 for $499.99, and finally this 9.8. What I ultimately paid makes no <i>mathematical</i> sense considering the increase in the number of 9.8’s since the lone 9.8 had sold only a year prior, and considering there is nothing super-special (first appearance, etc.) about this book, hence...

... enigma... a <i>modern</i> book multiplies in the census by 400 percent while sellers simultaneously ask increasingly higher prices for it, this baffles me. I personally believe this book is worth (to me) what I paid but will it continue to be an enigma? Will sellers continue to ask (and receive) higher prices to cash in on the few people that really <i>love</i> these books while the census continues to grow? I suppose the root cause to this <i>puzzling</i> situation may be that as long as there is someone willing to pay it, they will keep asking it... <i>maybe it's not that confusing after all!</i>

As much as I personally <i>love</i> these books I still <i>try</i> to keep a little bit of my head in the game. Yes, I really want to finish this collection all in 9.8 but it would be no fun looking at any book knowing that you got completely taken advantage of when buying it. I much prefer transactions when both the buyer and the seller are <i>reasonably</i> happy. I think that this book more than any other in this set (so far), pushed me right to the edge of where I know I paid a premium to add it, but where I can also still look at it and feel good about it. Plus, my wife had just done pretty good at the Casino so it was good timing... <i>woo-hoo!!</i>
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The End Superman 77 Modern 9.8 <i>From the 'NO ONE CAN KILL SUPERMAN!' collection.</i>

I had this book reholdered in February 2021. I was really worried about this one when I sent it off... it was among my last batch of fifteen books I sent to be reholdered. My worry was compounded when the box stopped moving in the postal system for ten days until finally being delivered and picked up... <i>what a relief it was to eventually get them all back!</i>

All of the DC Universe logo books from the <i>Funeral for a Friend</i> are really difficult to find. There is much debate as to which is the most rare of the rare, but I personally think this one is near the top. This book is the lone 9.8 in the census and I was thrilled to be able to get this and the second printing at the same time! This book is similar to the JLA 70 third printing in that the title colors are the same as the first printing, but in this case not only the roman numeral gives it away as a later printing but also the DC Universe logo.

Five of the books from the <i>Funeral for a Friend</i> storyline received the DC Universe logo treatment and are shown together in the second picture slot.

In addition to my larger Custom Set of these books, I also made a separate one to show just all ten DC Universe logo books from this entire storyline side by side. Here's the link if you want to check it out also:
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