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Planet Comics 13

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Comic Description: Planet Comics 13 Universal
Grade: 8.5
Page Quality: OFF-WHITE
Certification #: 1029340001
Owner: Ephus


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Sets Competing: Marathon Planet  Score: 1608
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Owner's Description

Every comic has stories inside, and to collectors every special comic has a story about its acquisition. This book is a special one. Ever since I first saw #13 in the Gerber Journal, I knew that this was one cool book. What I did not know is that this issue is one of the top 5 hardest Planet Comics to find (IMHO). I searched dealer inventories, eBay, major auctions, etc. for #13 for years without even a sniff. I always looked wherever I could. One afternoon I was finishing up a deal on a few book over the phone when I asked the question that I had asked at least 100 times before…”You wouldn’t happen to have a Planet 13 lying around would you?” I just about fell over when the response was, “Well, actually I do and it’s a really nice one too.” After a scan was sent to me I made a phone call back and the book was purchased and on its way to me that afternoon. I read this one and submitted it to CGC. One bonus aspect about this book is its super bright and colorful back cover. Many comics have back covers that are basically blah, but not this one. There are several splash pages from this book’s interior that I would like to post here for the second scan, but I can’t bring myself to ousting the back cover. Speaking of interior, the stories in this issue are very good. Red Comet, an early Planet Comics staple, goes to Uranus to find that Queen Lura has been trapped in a magical globe and held hostage by a tyrant named Zorix. He fights Ice men with ski shaped feet, hurls Zorix “Screaming toward oblivion” within a magical globe as described in the comic, and eventually frees Lura to once again reign peace in Naru city. The Crash Parker story sends Crash to the planet Mercury to deliver Princess Vona back to her people from a visit to Earth. Gravity proves to be different on Mercury, so Crash is vastly superior to those that want Vona to stay gone. By the end of the story, Vona’s enemies are subdued and she wants Crash to stay on Mercury, but Crash thinks his responsibilities to the Universe are more important than romance. Lastly, the Reef Ryan story is one of the coolest drawn in the book. He is on Neptune, and Sarku has taken over the settlement there. One of the coolest pages is when they are fighting on a boat and Reef gets knocked overboard. Once in the water, Sarku tries to finish him off by throwing a jagged harpoon at Reef. Reef quickly grabs deadly shark swimming by and slings it in front of the harpoon. Sarku thinks the blood in the water is Reef. Next, Reef cunningly swims under the boat and resurfaces to surprise and defeat Sarku. The rightful Queen Vara is placed back on the throne and she too is very thankful to Reef.
Classic Cover, Classic Back Cover, Super cool stories and art inside, Desperately difficult to find issue. Planet Comics #13 is a 10 out of 10 for me.

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