Marathon Planet
Planet Comics 10

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Comic Description: Planet Comics 10 Universal
Grade: 9.0
Certification #: 0985990029
Owner: Ephus


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: Marathon Planet  Score: 3300
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Owner's Description

Planet Comics #10 is the first Planet Cover drawn by Dan Zolnerowich. I just love all the detail on this cover and this one has a beautiful uninterupted black cover which makes all other colors stand out. The details on the inside are quite cool too. The cover is from a panel in the Flint Baker story. The Queen of Morog is the one to the far right of the cover. She is ruler of the Morogs which were described in the book as having 'Electric-Telo-Eyes' and that is what you see on the cover is the green men with electric shock bolts vibrantly protruding from their eyes. This story is good, and Flint actually calls the Queen a 'Gloomy Puss' at one point and near the end when he was chasing her down actually says, "I am going to spank a Queen." The Red Comet story is about a twentieth century man named Scaro who was taken out of hybernation in the twenty forth century only to find out he use to be a gangster. Does he revert to his old ways? You will have to read and see. Also a good Spurt Hammond story in this issue and in the Captain Nelson Cole story, He gets tangled up when Mars declares war on Jupiter. Lastly, Gale Allen rarely dissapoints, but this one I could do without. Her friend Captain Jack is being controlled by a mad man's hypnosis and he locks her up in a storage room and takes over the base on Venus. This story is mostly about how she escapes and she shakes Jack from the hypnosis in time to save the day. This book is extremely tough to find and especially in this condition with the Black cover which usually shows every defect, this one is just hard to imagine it being in nicer condition.

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