Ka-Zar by Barry Windsor-Smith - issues 1 to 10 all highest graded
Astonishing Tales 2

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Comic Description: Astonishing Tales 2 Universal
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Pedigree: Twin Cities
Certification #: 0915544014
Owner: Rune


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: Ka-Zar by Barry Windsor-Smith - issues 1 to 10 all highest graded  Score: 280
Research: See CGC's Census Report for this Comic

Owner's Description

An awesome book with 9.8 grade, pure white pages, perfect centering and pedigreed (Twin Cities). In November 2017 there were just 5 books in 9.8 and none better, and I'd be surprised if one of the remaining 4 books look nicer.

More info about the book:

Cover pencils by John Buscema.
Frenzy On the Fortieth Floor!, script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Sam Grainger; in the story Ka-Zar tracks down Kraven in New York and frees Zabu.
Advertisement for posters of Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, Captain America and the Hulk, with a subscription to Marvelmania also included.
Revolution!, script by Roy Thomas, art by Wally Wood; in the story Prince Rudolfo escape's Doom's dungeons and leads another attack on the castle with the help of The Faceless One and the Doomsman.
Advertisement reproducing covers for Fantastic Four King-Size #8 and Ka-Zar #2.
32 pgs. $0.15. Cover price $0.15.

More info about the Twin Cities pedigree:

"Twin Cities Pedigree, assembled by the late Gary Dahlberg of Minneapolis, MN.

“It’s definitely the best Silver Age Marvel collection we’ve sold,” said Ed Jaster, Senior Vice President at Heritage, “and there’s no Marvel collection out there with better page quality.”

“When I saw the Twin Cities books I was astonished by how nice they were,” said Paul Litch, Vice-President of the comic certification service CGC. “The collection runs the scope of Silver Age Marvels and DCs and goes all the way to some stunning Copper Age books – beautiful books, beautiful preservation. Once collectors see them, they’ll understand why we decided to give them a pedigree designation on the CGC label.”

While the collection encompasses more than 6,000 comics, the standout runs from the collection include Amazing Spider-Man #1 and up, Avengers #1 and up, Daredevil #1 and up, Fantastic Four # 1 and up, Journey Into Mystery #83 and up, Strange Tales # 101 and up, Tales of Suspense #39 and up, and X-Men #1 and up. While most attention will likely focus on the Marvels, the collection does have strong runs of every DC superhero title as well. Gold Keys and Charltons from the 1960s are also part of this pedigree collection.

“The CGC grades for the first few books we’ve submitted have been very strong,” said Lon Allen, Managing Director of Heritage’s Comics division, “but just as important as the technical grades will be that these are very pretty copies. The books just ‘pop’ when you look at them. When collectors see the 9.6 Spider-Man #2 or the 9.6 Spider-Man #4, they’ll know what I’m talking about.”

Dahlberg, who passed away in July 2010, was a meticulous collector who also had the advantage of working at a bookstore as a high school student in the early 1960s, with the opportunity to buy new comics from the store owner before they were put out on the stands."
Source: https://www.ha.com/heritage-auctions-press-releases-and-news/new-cgc-recognized-twin-cities-pedigree-highlights-1-000-000-gary-dahlberg-collection-at-heritage-auctions.s?releaseId=1984

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