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Yet another "Lost in Space---Policeman"

Set Type: Hawkman (1964)
Owner: Crazy Ed
Last Modified: 12/28/2011
Views: 671

Rank: 3
Score: 13118
Leading by: 665
Points to Higher Rank: 16832

Set Description:

The best thing about the 4 year Hawkman series is that there are almost 1/2 the number of Silver Age tryout series issues (10 over 3 series) as there were for the entire regular series! My favorite issue was # 4, the 1st Zatanna appearance and my 1st crush on a brunette in fishnet stockings! Instead of going for super -high grades in this run, I went for consistency using 9.0 as my taget grade and tried to keep PQ to a minimum of CR-OW! I think I am left with a satisfying set, and you should check out my 3 tryout series issues: B & B 34-36, 42-44 and Mystery in Space 87-90!

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Brave and the Bold 34 0058542001 8.01932 Shop eBay
Brave and the Bold 35 0707482008 8.5670 Shop eBay
Brave and the Bold 36 0009493019 8.5580 Shop eBay
Brave and the Bold 42 0093529009 8.5369 Shop eBay
Brave and the Bold 43 0115429005 8.0284 Shop eBay
Brave and the Bold 44 0071334016 9.0525 Shop eBay
Brave and the Bold 51 0016107004 8.5285 Shop eBay
Hawkman 1 0904931005 9.01350 Shop eBay
Hawkman 2 0057410009 9.2690 Shop eBay
Hawkman 3 0790187013 9.0290 Shop eBay
Hawkman 4 0904932003 9.41080 Shop eBay
Hawkman 5 0001827009 9.2435 Shop eBay
Hawkman 6 0003634007 9.2465 Shop eBay
Hawkman 7 0083128004 9.4540 Shop eBay
Hawkman 8 0083128005 9.0150 Shop eBay
Hawkman 9 0625276007 9.0150 Shop eBay
Hawkman 10 0084116004 9.2225 Shop eBay
Hawkman 11 0707996013 9.4315 Shop eBay
Hawkman 12 0100687018 9.2158 Shop eBay
Hawkman 13 0045211038 9.4315 Shop eBay
Hawkman 14 0038477014 9.4315 Shop eBay
Hawkman 15 0096712001 9.4315 Shop eBay
Hawkman 16 0129875012 9.080 Shop eBay
Hawkman 17 0707996017 9.4240 Shop eBay
Hawkman 18 0150864007 9.4240 Shop eBay
Hawkman 19 0029773006 9.4240 Shop eBay
Hawkman 20 0626895003 9.4240 Shop eBay
Hawkman 21 0096712003 9.080 Shop eBay
Hawkman 22 0099071002 9.2120 Shop eBay
Hawkman 23 0626895004 9.2120 Shop eBay
Hawkman 24 0054887004 9.080 Shop eBay
Hawkman 25 0096712004 9.080 Shop eBay
Hawkman 26 0626895008 9.080 Shop eBay
Hawkman 27 0719759010 9.080 Shop eBay

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