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Mid-grade copies will do on this set, lets say in the 6.5 to 8.0 range.
About Boy Commandos
Boy Commandos was one of DCs most successful titles during World War II, selling a reported one million copies per issue. The title was actually one of DCs three biggest hits along with Superman and Batman! The Boy Commandos title ran for 36 issues, closing out the decade with its final issue dated November/December 1949. The Boy Commandos are an elite commando squad of orphaned children from four different countries who are brought together to fight in World War II. The team was created in 1942 by the legendary duo of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, after they left Timely following their creation of Captain America. Kid gangs were popular both in the movies and real life during the era (Jack Kirby has even discussed having been in a youth gang, so maybe he was reliving some of that with Boy Commandos).
The Boy Commandos were led by the adult Captain Rip Carter, and consisted of Andre from France, Alfie from England, Jan from the Netherlands and Brooklyn from the United States. The team was introduced in Detective Comics #64 (1942) and appeared on the cover of #65 where they were welcomed by Batman. Soon after their introduction, the team received its own best-selling title as well as a spot in the Worlds Finest Comics anthology title. In addition to Simon and Kirby, the Boy Commandos feature included work by three young artists who would later become DC legends, Gil Kane, Curt Swan and Carmine Infantine.
The Boy Commandos were brought back into DC Continuity when their co-creator, Jack Kirby, returned to the company in the early 1970s to create his magnum opus, the 4th World saga. Kirby introduced a middle-aged police detective named Dan Terrible Turpin in the pages of New Gods #5 (1971) and later revealed that Turpin was actually the grown up Brooklyn from Boy Commandos. It makes sense that Kirby would have picked this character to revisit first, himself being a New York City native. In the 1990s, Turpin became part of the supporting cast of the Superman titles during the popular "Death of Superman" era. The other members of the team were reintroduced as adults as well in the Blue Beetle title during the later 1980s.
In the last decade, DC has published two hardcover volumes collecting the early adventures of the Boy Commandos in chronological order so new generations of fans can enjoy their adventures.

Boy Comandos #1 was also the first appearance of one of DCs few female heroes of the Golden Age, Liberty Belle. After also appearing in #2, Liberty Belle then moved over to Star Spangled Comics, where she appeared in issues #20 to #68. She was brought back in the early 1980s as one of the lead characters in DCs All-Star Squadron title, about a group of heroes who teamed up during the early days of World War II. Liberty Belle eventually married DC speedster Johnny Quick and she gave birth to their daughter, Jesse Chambers, who in recent decades has operated as both Jesse Quick and as the new Liberty Belle. Fans of The Flash TV series know Jesse as a recurring character on the hit series.
(Full Set Update- Nov. 2019)
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Boy Commandos 2 0168523010 2.5156 Shop eBay
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Boy Commandos 11 0032421006 6.573 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 12 0781906006 7.0102 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 13 No Comic    Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 14 1098219014 5.545 Shop eBay
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Boy Commandos 16 1098220001 6.556 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 17 1213090004 7.095 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 18 1158103008 7.5121 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 19 1028022015 8.5325 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 20 1039577009 8.5302 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 21 1025127010 8.5198 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 22 No Comic    Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 23 0940038001 7.5100 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 24 1098220009 4.528 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 25 1098220010 2.09 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 26 No Comic    Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 27 1098220012 3.517 Shop eBay
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Boy Commandos 29 0014760001 7.578 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 30 0032421019 7.573 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 31 0299812004 5.531 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 32 0003621016 8.5174 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 33 1210337007 6.035 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos 34 No Comic    Shop eBay
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Boy Commandos 36 1131777011 4.035 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos (1973) 1 1339208023 9.680 Shop eBay
Boy Commandos (1973) 2 0222185015 9.680 Shop eBay

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