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Rai 1st Series

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Set Description:

Rai 1992 Set

“Let us form one body, one heart, and defend to the last warrior our country, our homes, our liberty, and the graves of our fathers.”

- Tecumseh

By the year 4001, industrialization in Japan had begun to consume every square inch of free space within the island nation's borders. To house and feed its growing population, the country had built upon its own infrastructure centuries before, turning the whole of Japan into a towering pillar, hundreds of miles wide. Eventually, the nation detached from Earth entirely, and now orbits the planet.

Governed by a mysterious yet benevolent artificial intelligence named Father, the Japan of 4001 is divided into various sectors, with names derived from the time of founding, and generally separated among the lines of economic status and social class. Where a citizens's sector falls in the literal hierarchy of Japan's many sectors also directly affirms their social ranking; the closer you are to the Earth, the less essential you are.

While the higher classes of Japanese society rely on advanced technology, including sophisticated, human-looking robots-or PT's for Positronic Minds-on every level of their daily lives, discontent has brewed for centuries on Japan's middle and lower levels, resulting in the formation of an extremist anti-technology sect called Raddies, who have vowed to overthrow Father and every symbol of his technologically enabled reign.

Standing solitary guard at the top of Japan's miles-high structure is Rai-the lead enforcer of Father's justice and a figure of near-mythic stature to Japanese citizens of all ages. To some he is the ghost of Japan's past personified, to others a "spirit guardian" and folk hero. They say that he can appear out of nowhere, and possesses a near-universal sight over Father's people. But few have ever seen him...until the first murder in nearly a millennium brings Rai to the forgotten sectors of Father's empire, and threatens to topple a Japan that has taken nearly two thousand years to erect.

Over the coarse of his investigation Rai would come in contact with the mysterious Spylocke, a rebel rousing super agent who is normally relevated to holo-vid projections for the entertainment value of the masses. Eventually he and a wayward resident girl of new Japan named Lula Lee would come to an alliance against the false utopia's creator after Rai discovers how he was created and is told of the harsh living conditions new Japan truly boasts beneath its feigned perfection. Eventually meeting and falling in love with a recently companion-less Positronic A.I (PT) named Momo, who was among many of her synthetic kind to gain awareness of herself and her social situation.

Vowing to herself to bring New Japan crashing to the Earth below for their creator and the humans he coddles mistreatment of her people. Bringing to their shared cause fellow outcast and renegade experiment name Izak, a hybrid blend of Father's livewire and long extinct alien genetic material fished from amongst the stars; his new race was meant to be a proceeding protectorate task force for the floating city but were too volatile and bloodthirsty to ever be controlled, therefore being caste down to Earth with only him escaping.

Having Made Stalwart allies of this group of renegades with the aid of the tumultuous Dr. Silk, a long time resident of New Japan and greatest if not conniving scientific mind of the 41st century. Rai managed to stall an all out war between Momo's faction of self-aware Positrons and the anti-father/PT terrorist cell known as the raddies which would serve to further the despotic rule of the A.i's hold over New Japan. After having allied both sides to his cause Rai and his fellow insurgents led a civil war within New Japan while he and his predecessor Rai IX headed into the heart of the problem, taking the fight directly to the tyrant ruling from within; only for both to be routed by his newest creation Rai XI. The battle ending with Rai IX dead and Rai himself stripped of power and cast down to the wasteland that is Earth, abruptly ending the opposition from both armies brought under Rai's banner.

But the fallen champion had not perished there as many were lead to believe. Instead he would go on to survive his ordeal but in a battered and damaged state of being, eventually getting picked up by wastelanders native to the post-apocalyptic world. Meanwhile, back on New Japan Rai's friends and fellow revolutionaries have either been driven underground as many are in hiding or have been captured for interrogation and participation in bloodsports as a means of execution.

As time passed however Rai would eventually regain his strength replacing what he lost with something new and profound, taking on a sword of a fallen warrior who was burned out of existence by New Japan's harmful solar exhaust that constantly burned the earth; courtesy of a captured Geomancer under father's thumb. Even coming across new allies and enemies along his trek across the wastes in order to find a way back home, most notably Lemur; a resident of the burning earth who can sense a persons moral fiber. Whose home was burned by the dead world christened "Always Rising Sun" due to its constant solar waste dumping upon the world.

And more importantly the famed undying Fist & Steel of the Earth who would lend his services to Rai in exchange for retrieving Karana, the latest speaker of the earth from father's clutches. As the trio make their way to an armament that may aid them in the upcoming battle, the nightsky comes alight with falling stars. But only Rai knows they're pieces of New Japan that are being jettisoned to earth by Father, in an effort to purge his systems of a computer virus The Late Spylocke and a wounded Lula cast into his core processor. Rai, Gilad and Lemur eventually find themselves within a cave harboring a long thought lost ancient weapon created by man, an old X-O Armor Mecha Class which was left over from the war that engulfed the earth just as New Japan ascended to the skies.

I used to love reading comics as a kid enjoying many of the Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and Richie Rich variety, but it wasn't til I was in college that I first became interested in superhero comics. At the time I was an avid baseball card collector, acquiring many 1950s Topps cards with stars such as Mantle and Mays. When I finally read a superhero comic, it was Wolverine...what a great story, I was hooked. I amassed a rather large collection at the time, delving into other titles like Harbinger and X-O Manowar until the comic industry began to saturate the market with too many variants and I eventually lost interest. Flash forward to 2015..... I ended up buying a Wolverine 1988 series issue #1 graded CGC 9.8. I hadn’t really thought about it much up to that point, but the collecting bug was rekindled. I dug out my collection that had been stored away and decided to start submitting my back issues. I looked online to fill gaps in my various collections and thousands of dollars later I’ve acquired quite a few comics and am trying to avoid collecting too many series at a time! My favorites at this point are the Wolverine 1988 series, Alias 2005 and Harbinger’s 1992 series. I have collected a few odds and ends in between and will eventually fill out my Rai 1992, Shadowman 1992, Psylocke Mini Series 2010 and the various X-23 and NYX series and will consider other series once I have the bulk of these filled up. I also like to collect covers I find appealing (see Incredible Hulk 340) and 1st appearances here and there. It’s all a labor of love!

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Rai 0 0260576011 9.8120 Shop eBay
Rai 1 0242526013 9.875 Shop eBay
Rai 2 0260576017 9.865 Shop eBay
Rai 3 0266686008 9.8120 Shop eBay
Rai 4 1110917008 9.8120 Shop eBay
Rai 5 1210098007 9.865 Shop eBay
Rai 6 0285374019 9.835 Shop eBay
Rai 7 0285374020 9.835 Shop eBay
Rai 8 0157965008 9.832 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 9 0285374022 9.832 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 9 Gold Edition 0254793005 9.865 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 10 0285374027 9.832 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 11 0285375001 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 12 0285375003 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 13 0285375007 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 14 0285375009 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 15 0285375013 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 16 No Comic    Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 17 0285375018 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 18 0285375020 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 19 No Comic    Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 20 0285375024 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 21 No Comic    Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 22 No Comic    Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 23 No Comic    Shop eBay
Rai and the Future Force 24 No Comic    Shop eBay
Rai 25 No Comic    Shop eBay
Rai 26 0285376004 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai 27 No Comic    Shop eBay
Rai 28 0285376006 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai 29 0147475030 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai 30 0285376008 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai 31 0285376009 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai 32 0285376010 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai 33 0285376011 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai Companion 1 0285374017 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai Trade Paperback nn 0285374018 9.824 Shop eBay
Rai Trade Paperback nn Blue Variant 2014026012 9.615 Shop eBay

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