Girl U Want
Tank Girl: The Odyssey 1


Comic Description: Tank Girl: The Odyssey #1 Signature
Grade: 9.6
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 0218525001
Owner: umyeahwhatevers


Winning Set: Girl U Want
Date Added: 12/1/2013
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Owner's Description

Booga has suddenly become a media sensation. Everyone wants a part of him. An agent known as Tony the Blazer arrives at Tank Girl's chateau and makes him an offer.Meanwhile, Tank Girl is somewhere in Ireland drowning her sorrows in endless supplies of food. She is severely overweight and bereft of self-esteem. Tank Girl and Booga's electronic love-child, Telemakeus calls her up and warns her that Booga is ready to sign a four-movie contract with Tony the Blazer – without her! She finally decides to get her act together and in one solitary act of bulimia, sheds all of her excess weight.She gathers together her crew: Jet Girl, Sub Girl and Barney and prepares to return to Australia. They hitch a ride on a hot air balloon, but the balloon malfunctions killing them all. They are now in the Land of the Dead.Tank Girl finds the spirit of her late mother who informs her that a scientist named A.E. Olus has developed a means of using concentrated farts to reanimate the dead. Tank Girl goes to the Bjorn Borg Morgue and has A.E. Olus perform the operation on her. Now she has to make sure that there is enough fart serum to resurrect Jet Girl, Sub Girl and Barney. Time is ticking.This is the first appearance of Tank Girl, Booga, Jet Girl and Sub Girl in the DC Universe continuity. The only prior DC license of the property was the adaptation of the 1995 feature film, Tank Girl. The original Tank Girl comic strips were published in Deadline Magazine and later reprinted in Tank Girl (Volume 1) and Tank Girl (Volume 2) by Dark Horse Comics.**********This pin-up was selected because Brian Bolland chose to reference it on this cover.(bottom left)
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