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Set Type: Transformers: Infiltration
Owner: AlphaPrimeIan
Last Modified: 2/4/2016
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Set Description

The Transformers: Infiltration is the first in a line of miniseries by IDW Publishing set in a re-booted Generation 1 continuity. The series brings the Transformers' presence on Earth into the present day and places the "robots in disguise" concept firmly in the forefront of its narrative. It is issues #0–6 in the IDW overarching "sub-numbering" (shown in later series by a number in an Autobot-sigil shaped shield beside the bar code on each issue—Stormbringer picks up with #7), and was originally published between October, 2005 and July, 2006. The most immediate shift from original continuity is the nature of the Transformers' presence on Earth. In this continuity, there was no ancient starship crash, nor robots awakening from a four million-year slumber; the Autobots and Decepticons have arrived on Earth fairly recently and on purpose, operating undercover for at least four years. The story is told through the eyes of four main characters: Verity Carlo, a young drifter; Hunter O'Nion, a conspiracy theorist; Jimmy Pink, mechanic and Verity's net-friend; and Ratchet, a medic who puts his conscience over his mission. The series quickly and consistently establishes a strong Cold War, cloak-and-dagger theme, where secrecy and rules of espionage are as important as, or perhaps even more than, vanquishing the enemy. Thundercracker and the Battlechargers attack the humans and Ratchet to retrieve data on a palmtop PC that might reveal their existence; Ratchet is arrested by Prowl for breaking cover to rescue the humans; both Autobot and Decepticon operations are small cells instead of full-fledged armies. Also, a third faction is at work: a secret human organization known only as the Machination which appears to be aware of the Transformers' presence on Earth and has its own plans, as yet unknown, for the robots. Finally, it becomes evident to the Autobots that the Decepticon operation is up to something unusual, and their new human allies may have a part in unraveling the mystery. The series has taken an interesting and rather unique approach to the standard Transformers story: introducing only a few new characters with each issue. This enables each issue to focus on a small selection of leads (Ratchet, the humans and later Bumblebee) without overwhelming them and gives each issue space to explore their characters. The series culminates in a battle between Starscream, who leads the Decepticons on Earth, and the recently arrived Megatron attempting to put his house in order. Their animosity seems to be a constant in any Transformers continuity! --------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE JUNE 1/14: I have 53 of the 57 covers. Two of the 53 need upgrades. To see them all, go to “My Slabbed Comics”, under AlphaPrimeIan.

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Slot DescriptionThe Comics Registry IDComic GradeScore Updated
Transformers 0 0173670003 9.8 32 8/6/2013
Transformers 0 BotCon Edition 0184795028 9.9 40 8/6/2013
Transformers 0 Retailer Incentive Edition 0806362009 9.8 52 3/9/2017
Transformers 0 Retailer Summit Edition 0156557021 9.8 48 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 1 0002657044 9.9 30 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 1 Graham Crackers Edition 0962813004 9.9 44 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 1 New Dimension Comics Edition 0634039006 9.9 40 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 1 Retailer Incentive Edition 0744759027 9.8 40 2/4/2016
Transformers: Infiltration 2 0002689032 9.8 25 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 2 Retailer Incentive Edition 0962813017 9.8 44 5/29/2014
Transformers: Infiltration 3 0002752005 9.8 25 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 3 Silver Foil Edition 1199985009 9.8 35 5/29/2014
Transformers: Infiltration 3 Retailer Incentive Edition 0962813019 9.8 44 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 4 0002755038 9.8 25 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 4 Retailer Incentive Edition 0962813021 9.8 39 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 4 Silver Foil Edition 0962813022 9.8 38 3/9/2017
Transformers: Infiltration 4 Sketch Cover 0962813014 9.8 38 3/9/2017
Transformers: Infiltration 5 0012900042 9.8 25 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 5 Retailer Incentive Edition 0962813023 9.9 44 7/23/2014
Transformers: Infiltration 6 0003048012 9.8 25 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration 6 Retailer Incentive Edition 0962813012 9.8 39 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration nn Free Comic Book Day Edition 0962813024 9.8 22 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration Cover Gallery 1 0157422011 9.8 20 7/3/2013
Transformers: Infiltration Cover Gallery 2 0157422013 9.8 20 7/3/2013

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