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Set Type: Amazing Spider-Man (Complete with Variants)
Owner: Professor Pecora
Last Modified: 2/26/2023
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Set Description:

I can recall being ten years old and looking forward to our family trip to the supermarket, but not because I enjoyed grocery shopping; instead, I loved hanging out in the magazine section where I would rotate the comic book carousel rack with my eyes gazed upon the vibrant colors and action-packed superhero masterpieces! I remember immersing myself into Todd McFarlane’s Amazing Spider-Man issues and getting hooked by his depictions of Spider-Man battling these badass villains including the menacing Venom!

As a result, I became an instant ASM fan and collector! Although I didn’t really read through my comics, I loved and appreciated the beautiful cover art, which inspired me to meticulously catalog, store and cherish each issue as I built up my collection.

However, as I developed as a teenager, I started to focus more on dating girls and hanging out with my friends. Unfortunately, I stopped collecting comics when I was 16 years old and did not purchase a single comic book until many years later into my adult life!

Fast forward to 2012, and this is when I learned about CGC graded comic books. It was like my passion for collecting was resurrected and I literally became a CGC collecting fiend! I learned really quickly after buying and selling in the comic book market that high-grade ASM Keys are some of the most coveted and highly sought-after books in the hobby! They certainly have a very high appreciation rate compared to most titles.

Moreover, I also did my research and not only learned about the most valuable key issues, but I also became enlightened about the history of all the writers and artists who contributed to the title, as well as the background information of all the key characters! Hands down, I believe that the Amazing Spider-Man title has the most expansive, intriguing, and diverse rogues’ gallery of villains in all of comics! Furthermore, although I love ALL of the legendary Amazing Spider-Man cover artists of their respected era such as Steve Ditko (#1-#38) and Todd McFarlane (#298-#328), my all-time favorite cover artist is John Romita Sr.! His work just stands out to me in a special way!

With that said, I absolutely LOVE collecting high-grade ASM books and writing thorough descriptions of each piece I acquire! I have previously assembled and auctioned several world class CGC collections since 2012 and actually took a hiatus from collecting in late 2017. However, I started 2020 with a BANG and I am BACK and all about building up my ASM Set—ARACHNOPHOBIA!

The focus of this set is to primarily showcase all of the 1st appearance issues within the Amazing Spider-Man title. In addition, each comic description will highlight the creators (writers, artists, etc.) and include background information (history) about that particular character, along with discussing the cover art, the rarity factor (CGC Census – updated weekly), the Overstreet Price Guide value and the aesthetic properties of each book featured in the gallery.

I take great pride in patiently waiting for the most perfect looking high-grade examples of each KEY issue to acquire. I am probably one of the most particular collectors within the hobby, but hopefully it will be appreciated, as every single book featured in ARACHNOPHOBIA contains PERFECT Centering, PERFECT Cover Wrap and PERFECT White Pages!

Although I typically stretch beyond my initial budget to acquire the highest possible CGC grade for each respective issue, I will NOT purchase a poorly wrapped and centered high-grade example, regardless of its scarcity! I would much rather invest in a slightly lower graded copy, but have the perfect to near perfect aesthetic qualities desired, especially because the book is already encapsulated and if I am only looking at the front and back covers, I want that view to be as pristine as possible!

On that note, please enjoy the high-resolution scans and thorough commentary of some of the world’s finest existing copies of issues #16 (1st Daredevil crossover), #50 (1st Kingpin), #124 (1st Man-Wolf), #129 (1st Punisher & Jackal), #134 (1st Tarantula), #149 (1st Spider-Man clone), #161 (1st Nightcrawler crossover), #162 (1st Jigsaw), #194 (1st Black Cat), #238 (1st Hobgoblin), #252 (1st black costume) and #361 (1st full Carnage)!

In closing, if you are wondering what prompted me to title this set "Arachnophobia," it's not because I am afraid of spiders. Rather, the title is symbolic in the sense that the ASM Complete Set can be quite intimidating in terms of completing it, due to the sheer volume of 700 + issues! I personally think it would take several generations to complete this set in high-grade—at least for the average middle class folk that people like myself fall into! So from the outside looking in, the "fear" of not being able to complete this set in a single lifetime, can evoke "Arachnophobia" to the Spider-Man enthusiast!

My solution is to simply focus on the KEY issues that mean the most to me; whether it be nostalgic, prime investment opportunities, a favorite character’s 1st appearance OR just because I LOVE that cover!

In the meantime ... let's enjoy the ride!


-Professor Pecora

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