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WSR’s Atoms

Set Type: Atom #1-#45
Owner: wallstreetrebel
Last Modified: 1/3/2021
Views: 313

Rank: 1
Score: 65935
Leading by: 24539
Points to Higher Rank: N/A

Set Description:

Synopsis: This is a complete set with a minimum grade of 9.4, excepting two issues, Showcase #34 and Atom #3, both of which are 9.0s. All 48 books are described and pictured below.

Background: We just started this one in 2018, to complement our Flash and GL runs. There are certainly some interesting covers, especially before the Hawkman team-up. Really like the Showcase 34, but still looking for a nice copy. Also, looking for a nice #3, which may be difficult based on the low census.

June 2020 Update: it has been a successful year tracking down issues in this set, so much so that we have vaulted to the top of the registry. A large number of our books come from the John Fantucchio Collection, which were auctioned off the past year or so. Prices for these books have been relatively low and collectors few and far between, which has aided us in putting together this set. We still need a Showcase #34, having chosen to wait rather than to buy a placeholder, but we may just plug the spot until a better one comes along. We also would like to find a little better Issue #3. If anyone has one and would consider selling it, please drop us a line.

2021 Update: As has been the case since we started collecting these books, high grade examples keep coming on the market, which has allowed us to complete this relatively short set in record time. I am not sure what it says that we have been buying while everyone else has been selling these books, but Atom becomes our fourth complete DC set, to go along with Flash, GL and JLA. As far as stats, 40 of our 48 books are highest graded, with 12 being single highest graded. Of course, many of those holes are large ones, including Showcases #34 and #36 and Atoms #1, #3 and #4. So it is far from a perfect set, and lags considerably behind our Flash, GL and JLA sets relative to census standing, but they have still been fun to collect.

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Showcase 34 3705504006 9.02950 Shop eBay
Showcase 35 2087158012 9.66875 Shop eBay
Showcase 36 1273675007 9.43075 Shop eBay
Atom 1 1199061010 9.46600 Shop eBay
Atom 2 0994430008 9.63500 Shop eBay
Atom 3 0966661015 9.0450 Shop eBay
Atom 4 1041071005 9.41005 Shop eBay
Atom 5 0987338001 9.61675 Shop eBay
Atom 6 2087154010 9.61225 Shop eBay
Atom 7 2087165007 9.84800 Shop eBay
Atom 8 0987338003 9.82040 Shop eBay
Atom 9 2087153017 9.61225 Shop eBay
Atom 10 2087165008 9.81960 Shop eBay
Atom 11 1197057002 9.6900 Shop eBay
Atom 12 2087154011 9.6900 Shop eBay
Atom 13 1968696010 9.6900 Shop eBay
Atom 14 2087171002 9.6900 Shop eBay
Atom 15 2087153016 9.81440 Shop eBay
Atom 16 3708442003 9.81000 Shop eBay
Atom 17 2087171003 9.81000 Shop eBay
Atom 18 0915033003 9.81000 Shop eBay
Atom 19 0345433014 9.6625 Shop eBay
Atom 20 0915196012 9.81000 Shop eBay
Atom 21 2101502001 9.6550 Shop eBay
Atom 22 2011304018 9.6550 Shop eBay
Atom 23 2087172005 9.8880 Shop eBay
Atom 24 0915245007 9.6550 Shop eBay
Atom 25 1215336005 9.8880 Shop eBay
Atom 26 2087153018 9.8880 Shop eBay
Atom 27 0916106007 9.8880 Shop eBay
Atom 28 2087153020 9.8880 Shop eBay
Atom 29 1030993003 9.82120 Shop eBay
Atom 30 1399166005 9.6550 Shop eBay
Atom 31 2011304008 9.8720 Shop eBay
Atom 32 1215336011 9.8720 Shop eBay
Atom 33 0345455020 9.8720 Shop eBay
Atom 34 0345455021 9.8720 Shop eBay
Atom 35 1215336014 9.8720 Shop eBay
Atom 36 2087172008 9.8880 Shop eBay
Atom 37 0345455024 9.8720 Shop eBay
Atom 38 2087171006 9.8720 Shop eBay
Atom and Hawkman 39 0345459001 9.8680 Shop eBay
Atom and Hawkman 40 0759126003 9.8680 Shop eBay
Atom and Hawkman 41 1076235005 9.8680 Shop eBay
Atom and Hawkman 42 1015881001 9.8680 Shop eBay
Atom and Hawkman 43 0345459005 9.6425 Shop eBay
Atom and Hawkman 44 9147136019 9.8680 Shop eBay
Atom and Hawkman 45 1006626012 9.6425 Shop eBay

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