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Miller & Janson, P.C.

Set Type: Daredevil - Miller Run. Part 1
Owner: HarveySwick
Last Modified: 5/1/2015
Views: 1479

Rank: 7
Score: 11535
Leading by: 214
Points to Higher Rank: 78

Set Description:

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Growing up, Daredevil was always my favorite comic book character. I grew up in the late 80's and 90's and it seemed that Spider-man, Wolverine and the X-Men were getting all of the love. But DD was always #1 in my book. I would love to eventually work on the Daredevil #1 - #157 set, but first and foremost for me was Frank Miller's First Run. Ol' Hornhead went from a bi-monthly book to a top tier character in the Marvel Universe due to Miller and Klaus Janson's incredible work.

Piecing this set together has been a lot of fun! It's been a treasure hunt and when a book pops up that I needed, it fills you with this sense of joy you had when you were a kid. All White Pages. All 9.8 except two 9.6's. I'm hoping to upgrade a few issues in my collection and would love to add some more pedigree issues as I already have six Western Penn's in the set.

Additionally, I'm trying to incorporate various facts and tidbits of trivia and art into my set. I'll update the Census information often and add things here and there just to make it fun. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to PM me. I hope you enjoy looking at my set.

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Daredevil 158 1221469002 9.81600 Shop eBay
Daredevil 159 1134455004 9.8880 Shop eBay
Daredevil 160 0917849019 9.8400 Shop eBay
Daredevil 161 1134455005 9.8400 Shop eBay
Daredevil 163 1031287009 9.6400 Shop eBay
Daredevil 164 0918282003 9.8280 Shop eBay
Daredevil 165 0761819002 9.6175 Shop eBay
Daredevil 166 0990882001 9.8240 Shop eBay
Daredevil 167 0918283001 9.8280 Shop eBay
Daredevil 168 1021218010 9.81480 Shop eBay
Daredevil 169 1139423001 9.8640 Shop eBay
Daredevil 170 1134642002 9.8280 Shop eBay
Daredevil 171 0918261011 9.8224 Shop eBay
Daredevil 172 1157715001 9.8224 Shop eBay
Daredevil 173 1031213030 9.8224 Shop eBay
Daredevil 174 1028216006 9.8256 Shop eBay
Daredevil 175 1025086004 9.8256 Shop eBay
Daredevil 176 0917993005 9.8240 Shop eBay
Daredevil 177 1139423003 9.8240 Shop eBay
Daredevil 178 1043154002 9.8240 Shop eBay
Daredevil 179 0130701005 9.8240 Shop eBay
Daredevil 180 0183395013 9.8240 Shop eBay
Daredevil 181 0046303024 9.8400 Shop eBay
Daredevil 182 0183395015 9.8192 Shop eBay
Daredevil 183 1043153004 9.8192 Shop eBay
Daredevil 184 0052212014 9.8192 Shop eBay
Daredevil 185 1253542018 9.8160 Shop eBay
Daredevil 186 1043143009 9.8160 Shop eBay
Daredevil 187 0968310004 9.8160 Shop eBay
Daredevil 188 1037191010 9.8160 Shop eBay
Daredevil 189 0715170051 9.8160 Shop eBay
Daredevil 190 1043143006 9.8160 Shop eBay
Daredevil 191 1054144007 9.8160 Shop eBay
What If? 28 No Comic    Shop eBay
What If? 35 No Comic    Shop eBay
Spectacular Spider-Man 27 No Comic    Shop eBay
Spectacular Spider-Man 28 No Comic    Shop eBay

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