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Frank's Cry for Dawn

Set Type: Cry For Dawn #1-#9
Owner: asteroid-comix
Last Modified: 12/6/2020
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Set Description:

Cry for Dawn

My first attraction to the comic hobby was in 1994 and it involved Linsner's Cry for Dawn.

I was attending the Mid Ohio Comic Convention with a friend who was an avid collector. A college student with little money, I marveled at the many Spider-Man and Batman comics on display.

I spent the better part of the day sifting through long boxes beside my friend looking for the various books that I had been instructed to pull for him. I was more interested in striking up conversations about college football than anything else. After all, this was the same Saturday afternoon of the infamous 31-31 tie between Florida State and Florida.

Towards the end of my day at the con, I happened to catch a glimpse of a book with a striking redhead on the cover. The book was so unlike anything else that I had seen that day. I was instantly transfixed. The beautiful image of the scantly-clad-fiery-redhead, the expression of surprise on her face, the chastity belt and the wizardly setting were so very appealing. The book was a copy of Cry for Dawn #4. I paid the asking price of $25 for the book.

It wouldn't be until years later that I would actually develop an affinity for comics and the collecting hobby. Coincidently, it would be that same issue of CFD #4 that would entice me into the hobby. While packing for a move in 2008, my wife found the issue in an old box of college papers and textbooks. Given the cover and subject matter, some good natured teasing ensued.

Unlike the first time when the attraction had been only to the art, this new discovery prompted me to actually read the stories. This was something that I hadn't done up until this point. Rotation Play, Killing Old Man Heesner and a Short and Fat Little Christmas story were shocking stories of violence and the human condition. They took me back to some of my favorite shows and movies like Creepshow, The Twilight Zone and late night viewings of a Hitchcock film or two. The art was as incredible as I had remembered. For me, JML’s style and lines remain unmatched and without equal.

The book that had caught my eye all those years before, finally succeeded at pulling me into the hobby. A few eBay purchases, a few other titles, a lot more eBay purchases and the discovery of the CGC forums has brought me to where I am now and the collection here in this set.

Although I have ten or more raw copies of each issue (including a couple Horror Con #3's), these graded copies represent the finest CFD books that I have ever seen and will be cherished for many years to come…

Hopefully never again finding storage with my musty old college papers.

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